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News Update

The release of The Nation’s Report Card: Trends in Academic Progress in Reading and Mathematics 2008 was greeted by education advocates with joy for its demonstration of higher achievement among most groups tested, but also with disappointment for its clear evidence that achievement gaps persist and that scores for 17-year-olds have remained stagnant since the 1970s.


Going to K.C. Achievement Gap

Broad Superintendents Academy graduate John Covington will be the next superintendent of the Kansas City (Mo.) School District, its 26th leader since 1969. Since 2006 he has been superintendent of Pueblo (Colo.) City Schools.


In April 2009, Paul Vallas, superintendent of the Louisiana Recovery School District, spoke with associate editor Don Parker-Burgard about Detroit Public Schools, what it takes to transform a district in decline, and the best use of federal stimulus money. Here are excerpts of what he had to say.


The Auto Industry’s Impact on School Districts

In car manufacturing areas, the financial troubles of the “big three” automakers—Ford, General Motors and Chrysler—are putting a bit of a strain on school districts.

U.S. Students Move Up in Math and Science

Critics who argue that the United States lags behind its international peers in the education rankings might find some evidence to the contrary in the recent results of a major international assessment, which shows fourth- and eighth-graders making strong gains in math and modest improvements in science.


Three States Eye Bold Change for Schools

Talk is cheap when it comes to high school reform, but three states—Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Utah—are doing just that as they experiment with some new ideas to prepare students for a competitive workforce and global economy.


Report Slams Reading First, But Others Defend It


Students Improve, Barely, on Writing Test