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Mid-Level Managers Being Left Behind

Unless the central office staff starts communicating better with school building principals and teachers, major reform initiatives may never come to fruition, reports a new study released by the Cross City Campaign for Urban School Reform.

Rocky Start for First Federal Voucher Plan

The nation's first federally funded school voucher program is off to a shaky start in Washington, D.C.

DOE's $2 Billon Windfall: Use It Or Lose It

For the first time, the federal government has informed states there is about $2 billion in federal funds owed to them. Essentially, the feds are saying, "Use it or lose it" by late September.

GED Rates Rise

Every year, more teens attempt to join the ranks of Bill Cosby and Ruth Ann Minner, governor of Delaware, not as comedians or politicians but as GED recipients.

The Vanishing Male Teacher

If current rates of decline aren't reversed, male teachers could be extinct within 30 years, based on extrapolated NEA statistics.

New York Targets Social Promotion Of Third Graders

Beating the Bulge Begins

With obesity among children rising at what health officials warn are alarming rates across the nation, many schools are cracking down on the sugars and fats served in their cafeterias.

Educators Find Little to Like in Bush Budget

President George W. Bush says increased funding for education is among the highlights of his proposed budget for fiscal year 2005. But educators aren't buying it.

Virginia School Board Seeks Power to Sue Struggling Districts

A bill recently introduced in the Virginia state legislature would allow the state Board of Education to sue school districts that do not meet state performance standards.

Edison Buyout Draws Ire in Florida