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July 2018

Honoree: Aurora Public Schools Category Administrative leadership

Challenge: With fewer than half of students graduating from high school within four years, Aurora Public Schools was identified in 2010 as one of the lowest-performing districts in Colorado.

DEVELOPING STEM PROFESSIONALS—To build enthusiasm for STEM careers, the Fond du Lac School District has reached out to local STEM-related businesses to provide professional guidance and support for students.
Honoree: Fond du Lac School District Category STEM

Challenge: The Fond du Lac School District did not have any schools dedicated to encouraging girls to explore careers in STEM-related fields.

ADDRESSING MENTAL HEALTH—After two student suicides, Ocean City School District has implemented a suicide awareness program and has increased access to mental health care.
Honoree: Ocean City School District Category Health and wellness

Challenge: After losing two students to suicide inside of a year, the Ocean City School District wanted to develop a thoughtful and strategic approach to better address the mental health of all its students.  

BUILDING READING SUPPORTS—To better identify students dealing with dyslexia, Andover Public Schools has created a multipronged approach.
Honoree: Andover Public Schools Category Data-driven decision-making

Challenge: Students struggling with dyslexia were not being identified early enough in the reading education—until fourth grade in some cases—which created a need for significant remediation.

REMOTE VIEWING—Students in Anne Arundel County Public Schools who are homebound or hospitalized can still attend class and connect with their classmates thanks to the telepresence robots.
Honoree: Anne Arundel County Public Schools Category College/career readiness

Challenge: Educators sought to provide real-time access to learning and to offer social support for students who are either homebound or hospitalized.  

Initiative: Robots that students maneuver remotely keep them connected to their classrooms, teachers and friends. Steering their robots around the school, students follow along with lessons, participate in class discussions and join in social interactions.

Honoree: Arlington Public Schools Category Administrative leadership

Challenge: Creating a curriculum that’s relevant to everyone can be challenging in a diverse county where students hail from 122 nations and speak 100 languages.

Honoree: Avon Grove School District Category STEM

Challenge: Avon Grove School District wanted to provide additional STEM opportunities to its youngest learners, and to “ignite a love of STEM for girls,” says Director of Technology Gary Mattei.

Honoree: Berkeley County School District Category At-risk/ELL

Challenge: In 2009, Berkeley County School District had a 67.3 percent graduation rate as students struggled with truancy, discipline and falling behind grade level.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT—Bibb County School District's Mock Interview Fair program connects students with local business professionals to help teach the necessary skills to get a job.
Honoree: Bibb County School District Category College/career readiness

Challenge: Seventy-five percent of Bibb County School District high school students reported feeling unprepared to interview for a scholarship or job, which affected the number who joined the workforce or went on to college.

CAREER CONNECTIONS—Local business partners and medical professionals engage students in Brea Olinda USD to learn about vocational opportunities and help them explore potential career paths.
Honoree: Brea Olinda USD Category Community/family partnerships

Challenge: Interest in the magnet school had waned after a period of declining enrollment. Accessing the community’s intellectual capital to invigorate learning became a priority in shifting the school’s focus to career readiness.

Honoree: Community Consolidated School District 180 Category Social-emotional learning

Challenge: In a district with more than 80 percent of students identified as low-income, many children entered kindergarten unprepared. Students struggled and exhibited behavior problems, and were eventually referred to special education and considered for retention.

ROCK SHOW—Teachers and local archaeologists lead students in Comstock ISD on field trips to map and create 3D images of ancient rock art and cemeteries.
Honoree: Comstock ISD Category STEM

Challenge: Like in other small, rural districts, Comstock ISD administrators wanted to offer students advanced science classes that teach higher-level problem-solving skills. They also wanted to provide more opportunities to serve the community.  

PEER SUPPORT—At-risk freshmen at Cumberland Regional High School are paired with senior mentors who provide academic and social-emotional support.
Honoree: Cumberland Regional School District Category Professional Development

Challenge: The greatest failure rate in high school occurs in ninth grade, and students who fail ninth grade are 50 percent less likely to graduate. At-risk students need to strengthen academic and social-emotional skills to successfully navigate the transition to high school.  

Honoree: Dearborn City School District Category Data-driven decision-making

Challenge: The district wanted to establish a consistent and systematic process that would produce effective change in its 34 schools and ensure that all students grow and achieve.

SUMMER SUPPORTS—To keep students on the proper learning and social paths during the summer months, Eau Claire Area School District provides breakfast and lunch in addition to a comprehensive range of academic programs.
Honoree: Eau Claire Area School District Category College/career readiness

Challenge: Children with special needs, English learners and lower socio-economic students were suffering learning losses when school was out for summer. “The goal of the program is to make summer look as similar to the school year as possible regarding supports for students,” says Jim Schmitt, executive director of teaching and learning.

Honoree: Encinitas USD Category STEM

Challenge: Because of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, Encinitas is deeply affected by water pollution, marine debris and, particularly, storm water runoff that can close beaches for as many as three days after a big rain.  

Honoree: Hamburg Central School District Category Professional Development

Challenge: An estimated 1 in 5 youth suffer from a mental health disorder, with half of all chronic mental illness beginning by age 14. Untreated mental health problems can lead to poor school performance, strained family relationships, trouble with the law, substance abuse and other risk behaviors.  

READY FOR TAKE-OFF—The Aeronautical Science Pathway at Highline Public Schools provides hands-on learning and multiple career pathways for students who aspire to join the local aeronautics industry.
Honoree: Highline Public Schools Category STEM

Challenge: In a district located amidst more than 200 aviation and aerospace businesses, a constant high demand exists for well-educated and highly skilled workers.

Honoree: Indian Prairie School District 204, Naperville Community Unit School District 203, Community Unit School District 200 Category CIO/Blended learning

Challenge: Three Illinois districts realized they could improve college and career success by taking cues from postsecondary institutions and employers that continue to expand online and digital offerings.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN—The Ladies and Gentlemen's Clubs in Laurens County School District help develop soft skills through a variety of culturally focused extracurricular opportunities.
Honoree: Laurens County School District 55 Category At-risk/ELL

Challenge: After extensive research, the rural district determined that students needed more development in the area of soft skills and more exposure to cultural elements from outside the area.