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March 2015

Honoree: Sioux City Community Schol District Category Early learning

A few years ago, Sioux City Community School District only had preschool programming for young children with disabilities. While private preschools and Head Start programs existed within the community in 2006, there was no common preschoool curriculum or set of standards to ensure all students entered kindergarten healthy and ready to learn.

Honoree: Socorro Independent School District Category Professional development

As one of the fastest-growing districts in the state, the 44,000-student Socorro ISD has worked to ensure that seasoned and first-year teachers are supported to provide students with positive experiences.

The “Building a Friend for the Future (BFF): New Teacher Induction and Mentorship Program” was developed to introduce new teachers to the policies and procedures of the district. It also provides continuous professional development and mentorship.

Honoree: Solon Community Schools Category Student achievement

Grade book entries at Solon Community Schools in Iowa used to include marks for participation, homework, effort and behavior, along with academic scores. All of these other factors included in a student’s final grade made it hard for principals to immediately identify academic strengths and weaknesses.

Honoree: Spokane Public Schools Category Graduation rate

In 2009, the graduation rate for Spokane Public Schools was 62.1 percent with nearly 29 percent of students dropping out of school. At the same time, Priority Spokane, a collaboration of organizations working to create a vibrant future for Spokane County, was examining how best to foster measurable improvements in key areas of community vitality.

Honoree: Suffield Public Schools Category BYOD 1-to-1 or other district-wide technology initiative

As Suffield Public Schools began to implement a 1-to-1 Google Apps and Chromebook program for its middle and high school students, the district wanted to involve students in developing best practices.

Honoree: Taylor County School District Category Personalized/individualized learning

In order to provide more individualized education, Taylor County School District incorporated Kentucky’s pre-K through12 Performance Based Education model in 2013. The teaching and learning system places students in grade-level content areas based on academics rather than age. Superintendent Roger Cook developed the Wheel of Learning to add individualized education to the initiative.

Honoree: The School District of Lancaster Category Student achievement

The School District of Lancaster—an urban Pennsylvania district where nearly 90 percent of the 11,307 preK through 12 students qualify for free and reduced lunch—serves 1,921 special education students, 1,790 English language learners, and over 900 homeless students.

With 38 different languages spoken in the district, the school board and superintendent decided to expand the educational opportunities for parents beyond what was offered at the individual building level.

Honoree: Township High School District 211 Category Behavior management

Township High School District, the largest high school district in Illinois, serves over 12,000 students. Since 2004, the district has experienced a 180 percent increase in the number of students coming from low-income households. In order to serve all students’ academic and social-emotional needs, the district conducted an examination of school climates and existing discipline practices.

Honoree: Virginia Beach City Public Schools Category Innovative building design/philosophy

Virginia Beach City Public Schools in 2012 was named greenest school division in the country by the U.S. Green Building Council. What started out as a focus on the district’s buildings has developed into a holistic approach comprising three goals:

Develop a sustainable building infrastructure:

November 2014

Denise Sullivan, assistant superintendent for curriculum, Hampton Bays Schools
Honoree: Hampton Bays Public Schools Category College/career readiness

Many of the graduates entering college from New York’s Hampton Bays High School in 2011 weren’t ready for higher education math.

At neighboring Suffolk County Community College, 68 percent of the first-year students from Hampton Bays had to take remedial math.

An elementary school classroom in the Des Moines Independent Community School District was renovated.
Honoree: Des Moines Public Schools Category Innovative building design/philosophy

A state sales tax passed in 2009 by Iowa’s legislature arrived none too soon for the aging infrastructure of the Des Moines Public Schools, where the 69 school buildings were an average of 60 years old.

Two CRY-ROP educators in CTE Teach training identify the seven steps of a lesson plan.
Honoree: Colton-Redlands-Yucaipa Regional Occupational Program Category Professional development

A professional development initiative created by a voc-ed program comprising three California districts is being replicated statewide because it keeps teachers in the job—and lets students learn from some of the best agents of local industry and business.

Baltimore County Public Schools cultivates more happy graduates, above, after implementing credit recovery labs to make up for lost time or work.
Honoree: Baltimore County Public Schools Category Graduation rate

When S. Dallas Dance became superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools in 2012, the district’s graduation rate for its 24 high schools stood at nearly 84 percent, four points above the national average.

But that encouraging number masked the disparity between schools with graduation rates above 95 percent and as low as 70 percent.

Superintendent Marion Ginopolis, above, reads to students, touting the Kindergarten Reading Early Intervention Program.
Honoree: Lake Orion Community Schools Category Student achievement

A reading interventionist might be a district’s best friend.

High school students of the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District operate a food pantry for community members in need.
Honoree: Maplewood Richmond Heights School District Category Innovative building design/philosophy

Beekeeping and raising chickens are among the projects that Maplewood Richmond Heights School District students relish.

The district, which covers less than three square miles outside of St. Louis’ inner city, has brought service learning—and student achievement—to new heights through unique, project-based initiatives integrated into the daily curriculum.

Honoree: Lake Orion Community Schools Category Student achievement

Program: Kindergarten Reading Early Intervention Program

Lake Orion Community Schools adapted its Response to Intervention model for reading instruction in 2010. After a district reading analysis, administrators set a goal of creating lifelong readers and preventing literacy delays by identifying kindergarten students at-risk of falling behind.

Honoree: Baltimore County Public Schools Category Graduation rate

Program: All means all: Ensuring every student graduates a globally competitive learner

Honoree: Benjamin Banneker Charter Academy of Technology Category Student achievement

Program: Innovations to Revitalize Urban Schools

The Benjamin Banneker Charter Academy of Technology used its technology prowess to connect with five other community schools via the Student Spaceflight Experiment Program.

Honoree: Bethel School District Category Efficiency and operations of the district, reducing costs

Program: Energy/Resource Conservation

Conserving resources and reducing greenhouse gases in electricity, natural gas and water use is a top priority at Bethel School District.

Honoree: Blue Valley School District Category College/career readiness

Program: CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies)

With nearly 94 percent of its graduates enrolling in college each year, Blue Valley School District sought an innovative way to include professional careers and emerging economic markets into the curriculum.