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November 2014

Honoree: Vancouver Public Schools Category Public/private partnerships

Program: Family-Community Resource Centers: Removing Barriers and Building Assets to Promote Student Success

In a fight against poverty and migration, the Vancouver Public Schools redirected $2 million annually to help more than a dozen schools.

Honoree: Metropolitan School District of Washington Township Category Student achievement

Program: International Baccalaureate for K12

When school choice is abundant in a large urban public school system, innovation is key. So, in 2009, the Washington Township School District implemented the International Baccalaureate framework for teaching and learning for its 11,000 students and 1,500 staff.

Honoree: Wayne Township Public Schools Category Technology and literacy

Program: Augmented Reality Book Trailer Program

In the 2013-14 school year, the Wayne Township schools’ media specialist, a teacher and fourth graders developed the Augmented Reality book trailer program. It lets students create a digital trailer that synopsizes a book.

Honoree: West Valley School District #208 Category Student achievement

Programs: The West Valley PreK-3 Initiative; Five Steps to Student Success

In 2011, Mike Brophy became superintendent and developed a strategic plan for student learning where each step builds a foundation for the next.

The Five Steps to Student Success consists of: