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July 2018

AQUAPONIC TONIC—Students in the Upper Merion Area School District learn to grow and market basil lemonade as part of a yearlong STEM program.
Honoree: Upper Merion Area School District Category STEM

Challenge: A new framework for science standards from the Pennsylvania Department of Education required a change in seventh- and eighth-grade curriculum, which also provided an opportunity to implement STEM-based instruction.

Honoree: Valley View ISD Category At-risk/ELL

Challenge: The cultural and linguistic skills of bilingual learners needed to be addressed, with more than 60 percent of students identified as English language learners and 90 percent deemed economically disadvantaged.

COMMUNITY CONNECTION—By partnering with local nonprofits, West Plains R-VII School District is able to provide food and other necessities for at-risk students.
Honoree: West Plains R-VII School District Category At-risk/ELL

Challenge: Some students in Howell County, the third- poorest in Missouri, live in houses without mattresses, window glass, heat or food. Others live in cheap motels and shelters, and eat only when fed at school.

Honoree: White Bear Lake Area Schools Category Community/family partnerships

Challenge: The water level of White Bear Lake was at a record low in 2013, affecting recreational use and sapping the underlying aquifer that supplies water to the community.

FUTURE-READY—The Early College Opportunity Program helps students in Windham Public Schools earn an associate degree in manufacturing and prepares them to work for local manufacturers.
Honoree: Windham Public Schools Category College/career readiness

Challenge: Windham High School, where 70 percent of students are Hispanic and 43 percent come from non-English speaking homes, sought the community’s help in upgrading its college- and career-preparation programs.

July 2017

Honoree: Omaha Public Schools Category Professional Development

For years, Omaha’s student achievement was stagnating. The 50,000-plus student district continued to grow—with ELLs increasing and the migrant and refugee population growing. At the same time, the number of low-income families reached 90 percent, based on the number of students qualifying for federal lunch programs.

In the 2011-12 year, the district introduced its Academic Action Plan, with three components:

Honoree: Florence City Schools Category Administrative leadership

Florence City Schools struggled to find leaders and retain them.

Administrators knew that establishing a consistent form of strong leadership would increase student achievement and promote a cohesive culture. So administrators rolled out an initiative called IMPACT80, whereby the district partnered with the University of North Alabama to provide advanced degrees for 80 administrators or teachers who had already worked at the district for at least two years.

Honoree: Palo Alto Unified School District Category College/career readiness

In 2014-15, Palo Alto leaders created the Advanced Authentic Research Program to get high school students thinking about their future careers.

Students are faced with real-world problems and must persevere through ambiguity—common adult experiences.

Honoree: Piscataway Township Schools Category At-risk/ELL

Students speak more than 62 languages at home in Piscataway, New Jersey. So it’s important to immerse limited English-speaking students into conversations and academics, and to provide cultural guidance to their families.

Honoree: Bangor School Department Category STEM

Over the next five years, one in seven new jobs in Maine will be in STEM-related areas, according to the Maine STEM Collaborative March 2012 report.

As a result, the Bangor School Department created STEM Academy at Bangor High School in 2013-14, focusing on increasing student interest in engineering.

Honoree: Oxford Township School District Category Social-emotional learning

A special social-emotional learning (SEL) program first sprouted from a tree-like “superhero.” Oxford Central School’s program sprouted from the “superhero” called Rootman, who showcased the values developed by the New Jersey district’s K8 students and staff.

Honoree: Rolling Hills Local School District Category College/career readiness

To provide increased academic rigor for students, the Rolling Hills Local School District partnered with 10 local colleges to offer up to 50 courses via distance learning.

The district created the Colt College and Career Center with three distance-learning labs and a collaboration space where students earn college credit at no cost.

Rolling Hills also offers face-to-face and online courses from five colleges and universities.

Honoree: Burton School District Category College/career readiness

In the small farming town of Tulare, many students and parents don’t know how to navigate the college system—which often leads to students failing to seek higher ed options.

Honoree: Colton-Pierrepont Central School District Category Professional Development

The Colton-Pierrepont Central School District wanted to expose all students to college campuses. And leaders wanted young students to learn from high school graduates how to successfully transition beyond high school.

With teamwork being a big part of sports, the district turned to its schools’ sports mascot, the colt, for inspiration and created COLTS (Citizenship, Opportunity, Literacy, Technology and Safety) Days in 2013-14.

Honoree: Peekskill City School District Category ELL

ELLs gained new ground when Peekskill High School in New York created bilingual classes.

Peekskill City School District, which had lacked any bilingual classes in high school or middle school, created an ELL council complete with stakeholders from the community in the 2015-16 school year.

District leaders then visited schools in several states to see other programs at work. And they committed to finding bilingual teachers to have classes taught in Spanish.

Honoree: Creighton School District Category Health and wellness

The Creighton School District, located in a low socioeconomic community where 89 percent of its students qualify for free or reduced-price lunches, combats hunger through a newly developed Supper Nutrition Program.

Honoree: Borough Public School District Category Social-emotional learning

Wharton Borough schools wants to ensure all students and their families—including transients from Central America—feel welcome and become active in the education community.

The district partnered in 2015-16 with the United Way and College of St. Elizabeth to create a student group named Duffy Force. It consists of  students in grades 3 through 5 who developed, with teacher help, homeroom activities and character building core values videos for others to view.

Honoree: Palos School District 118 Category Problem-solving/Blended learning

Eighth-graders at Palos School District 118 are problem-solvers for their community.

When the district faced new state learning standards a few years ago, leaders knew they had to enhance the middle school curriculum to provide critical-thinking skills and to teach students how to better communicate and collaborate.

Honoree: Schaumburg SD54 Category At-risk/ELL

Having students achieve reading fluency by the end of third grade is an important goal for the Schaumburg School District in Illinois—and that also includes ELLs.

The district’s language and culture department developed a writing curriculum for a 10-week, after-school assistance program for ELLs in grades 2 through 8.

Honoree: Harrisonburg City Public Schools Category At-risk/ELL

When administrators at Harrisonburg City Public Schools saw performance gaps between ELL and non-ELL students in 2012, they started a dual-language (English and Spanish) kindergarten classroom.

It has since grown to five K6 schools for more than 600 students and was recently expanded to include a K12 newcomers initiative for recent immigrants who don’t speak English.