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Academic Action Plan

Omaha Public Schools, Omaha, Nebraska
Omaha Public Schools
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For years, Omaha’s student achievement was stagnating. The 50,000-plus student district continued to grow—with ELLs increasing and the migrant and refugee population growing. At the same time, the number of low-income families reached 90 percent, based on the number of students qualifying for federal lunch programs.

In the 2011-12 year, the district introduced its Academic Action Plan, with three components:

Instructional Framework: The gradual release of instruction across the content areas and consistent procedures.

Coaching for Instructional Leaders: Provides high-quality and continuous training for building leadership.

Data Use: Supports staff in using formative and summative assessment results to identify student successes and struggles.

The effort has resulted in academic achievement gains and graduation rates have increased from 73 to 79 percent.

To start your own program:

  • Use high-quality, prioritized PD for new teachers, and more in-depth implementation for veteran teachers.
  • Provide coaching for all principals and other instructional leaders every quarter, which builds deeper capacity.