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College Credit Plus

Rolling Hills Local School District, Cambridge, Ohio  
Rolling Hills Local School District
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To provide increased academic rigor for students, the Rolling Hills Local School District partnered with 10 local colleges to offer up to 50 courses via distance learning.

The district created the Colt College and Career Center with three distance-learning labs and a collaboration space where students earn college credit at no cost.

Rolling Hills also offers face-to-face and online courses from five colleges and universities.

Leaders compacted the curriculum from grades 6 through 10 to allow flexibility in scheduling so those students could get access to free college credits.

With help from the Ohio Appalachian Collaborative and multiple Ohio Straight A Grants, the district provided funds for nine teachers to become credentialed to teach college courses. And it shares credentialed teachers across 14 small rural high schools to expand offerings, and used bulk purchasing for equipment and technology to save money.

To start your own program:

  • Provide an effective learning space that also promotes a college culture. Districts should consider flexible scheduling, student privileges, compacted curriculum and shared resources.
  • Staff and administrators should prioritize working collaboratively with multiple college partners.