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Colorado Springs School District 11: Mill Levy Override Governance System

Colorado Springs School District 11
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Program: Mill Levy Override Governance System

A mill level override system, which is now 14 years old, ensures accountability to the Colorado Springs’ taxpayers. In 2000, the voters of the district approved a $27 million mill levy override for operational costs. To ensure accountability, the district developed a comprehensive governance and accountability structure.

The first component was the governance plan, adopted by the district’s board of education. A Citizen Oversight Committee was established to ensure taxpayer oversight of the override funds. A dedicated page on the district’s website was created to report all the figures. A biennial review was conducted every two years to ensure appropriate and efficient spending.

Once those components were in place, the district created an annual report for the mill levy override plan. The most recent frontier was the development of key performance indicators to ensure that each spending plan item was thoroughly analyzed for results.

The MLO Oversight Committee continues to meet regularly. The committee also makes an annual report to the board of education on key matters and topics related to the override. After a 25-year drought of voter approval, the district has passed two bond issues.

“The Mill Levy Override Governance System demonstrates our commitment to our community to be good stewards of the taxpayer funds entrusted to us through the mill levy override program,” says Superintendent Nicholas Gledich.

In recognition of the innovation and success of this initiative, Colorado Springs School District 11 has been named a District of Distinction by District Administration. The district was among 49 districts that were honored in the inaugural round of Districts of Distinction, the magazine’s new national recognition program.

“We are pleased to honor Colorado Springs School District 11 as a District of Distinction,” says JD Solomon, editorial director at District Administration magazine. “Like all our honorees, the district serves as a model for school leaders across the country.”

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