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Future-Ready Administrators

Vancouver Public Schools, Vancouver, Washington
Vancouver Public Schools
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After Vancouver Public Schools created a weLearn 1-to-1 initiative—which delivered thousands of hours of PD to classroom teachers—administrators realized they needed to support and challenge instructional leaders in the same ways.

A Future-Ready Administrators cohort was born in the 2016-17 school year. It’s a small group of leaders who meet every three or four weeks to cultivate innovation. It provides instructional leaders time and space to explore digital learning tools that their teachers are using.

Future-Ready Administrators are asked to commit to two years of work together. Year one is designed to be exploratory, while year two involves mentoring the next cohort of Future-Ready Administrators. They have experimented with screencasting tools and shared their videos with staff.

A key goal is to enable these administrators to more effectively coach their staff on digital learning concepts. This, in turn, has given students more agency, ownership and engagement in their learning.

To start your own program:

  • Start the conversation if you have a core group of enthusiastic instructional technology experts.
  • In the discovery phase, explore practical topics such as funding needs and group-culture topics like the willingness to explore, fail and learn together.