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Goochland County Public Schools: Values-Based Leadership Model

Goochland County Public Schools
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Goochland County Public Schools teamed up with Luck Stone after hearing the company’s chief leadership officer speak about how values-based leadership transformed a local family’s rock quarry business.

The district introduced the model to its leadership team and launched a six-year strategic planning initiative that is still underway. Currently, the district is designing a leadership curriculum for students. The district’s ECCHO awards recognize the “excellence, creativity, courage, honor and optimism” in staff and students working to better their schools.

The district has also partnered with Luck Stone on a number of additional initiatives. The company has provided financial support for several school programs, including the expansion of career and technical education.

“Our set of five core values, now known to our students, teachers and parents, helped us set a strong expectation for how we address conflict, how we develop intellectually as students and employees, and how we work in tandem to maximize the potential of every learner,” says John Hendron, the district’s director of innovation and strategy.

“The next step in that process for us is to develop the leadership potential in our students, through the development of a leadership curriculum that includes the identification of each student's own values,” Hendron adds. “We are indebted to the Luck Companies of Goochland, Virginia, for sharing their decade-long experience with values-based leadership,”

In recognition of the innovation and success of this initiative, Goochland County Public Schools has been named a District of Distinction by District Administration. Goochland County was among 62 districts that were honored in the March 2015 round of Districts of Distinction, the magazine’s national recognition program for K12 school districts.

“We are pleased to honor Goochland County as a District of Distinction,” says JD Solomon, editorial director at District Administration magazine. “Like all our honorees, Goochland County Public Schools serves as a model for school leaders across the country.”