Impact of Creativity on Career & College Readiness

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Tacy Trowbridge
Lead for Global Education Thought Leadership & Advocacy

Donna Caldwell
Adobe Education Sr. Solutions Consultant

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Key research from Civitas Learning and district outcomes in Idaho, Utah and New Mexico have demonstrated what we have long held true: creativity and digital literacy are key to empowering learners.

In this webinar, subject matter experts will discuss this quantitative research from Civitas Learning that shows how creative and digital literacy have improved student outcomes like GPA and career trajectories post-college graduation, which help meet institutions’ goals for retention and engagement. Hear how these approaches impacted K-12 education in states committed to digital learning, including Idaho, Utah, and New Mexico. Panelists will also speak on how to create and manage your own digital experiences, from producing more efficient document workflows to delivering your story to the right person at the right time.

K-12 leaders attending this webinar will learn how to:

  • Develop key skills that produce quantifiable outcomes across student segments, including first-term and traditionally undeserved
  • Provide proven, measurable value to students that improves retention
  • Ensuring students enter the workforce with creative skills that are more in demand and garner higher salaries
  • Give students a competitive edge that will improve their career trajectory

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