Making 1-to-1 Initiatives More Student-Centric with Devices and Beyond

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Date & Time: Thursday, September 8, 2022 at 2 pm ET


Timothy Curran, Director of Technology, Bangor Area School District

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Districts that have already implemented a certain type of device at numerous schools face challenges when changing practices require the use of new technologies that don’t support critical functionalities for student learning. Leaders at Bangor Area School District in Pennsylvania found themselves in a similar predicament when switching from iPads to laptops and decided to customize these devices to be more student-centric before developing programs to support this student-first mission even further.

In this webinar, Director of Technology Timothy Curran will share how his district, with the help of a business partner, modified their laptops to be more than a replacement for pen and paper before expanding opportunities to enhance the student experience beyond just devices.

Attend this informative webinar to learn how Bangor Area School District:

  • Provided student devices that fulfilled curriculum requirements
  • Created and funded programs in which students can receive certification to repair equipment under warranty as paid district “employees”
  • Is developing a curriculum for building gaming PCs
  • Went from having no Wi-Fi and little technology to supporting robust 1-to-1 initiatives

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