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Teaching and learning

WeDo 2.0 Computational Thinking Curriculum

LEGO Education

Prepare your students for tomorrow’s jobs by not only teaching how to code but also how to develop the underlying skills behind coding. LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 Computational Thinking curriculum and lessons focus on how to approach and solve complex problems using five skills: decomposition, generalization, algorithmic thinking, evaluation, and abstraction. 


Animal Rescue LEGO Education

Take advantage of LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 and the integration with Apple’s Swift Playgrounds to combine physical and digital learning. Using EV3, the new EV3 Animal Rescue Book and Swift code, students learn to solve real-world problems as they help an injured robotic turtle move and interact with its surroundings.


Curriculum Associates

Built for the rigor of new standards, i-Ready collects a broad spectrum of rich data on student abilities that identifies areas where a student is struggling, measures growth across a student’s career, supports teacher-led differentiated instruction, and provides a personalized instruction path within a single online solution.


Curriculum Associates

Ready is a rigorous instruction and practice program that fully prepares students for the Common Core in a highly supportive way. It’s an out-of-the box solution that teachers can start using right away, because it provides them with step-by-step, point-of-use PD to help them teach the standards most effectively.

ST Math: Middle School Supplement

MIND Research Institute

ST Math allows students to toggle between personalized intervention content and on-grade-level class content, as determined by the teacher. The learning needs of each student are measured by a built-in diagnostic, and ongoing formative assessments refine each student’s personalized path, ensuring concept mastery. 

MIND Research Institute

ST Math

ST Math is a visual instructional program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem-solving. It’s designed to deeply engage, motivate and challenge K6 students toward achievement.

ST Math: Pre-K

MIND Research Institute

ST Math: Pre-K provides a comprehensive blended learning program for students offering math instruction before kindergarten. Early learning students love the visual math puzzles, and teachers receive the support they need through step-by-step activities that connect math instruction across multiple modes of learning. 

TeachPoint Educator Evaluation Solution


Save time by managing all observations, evaluation documents and evidence online. Track progress and help manage compliance with Evaluator dashboards. Drive PD decisions and coaching conversations with customized reports. Customize forms, workflows and rubrics to meet district-specific needs. Use the new video observation feature for teacher self-reflection or evaluation.

AdvancED Improvement Network


Every institution, regardless of where they are today, can be better tomorrow. Using a strong, evidence-based process can accelerate improvement even when the journey starts at different points. The AdvancED® Improvement Network provides members with an evidence-based, personalized and customizable framework to map out and embrace an authentic improvement process.



Mission control for Curriculum and Instruction, Ogment helps districts manage and improve both on one platform. From live curriculum mapping through lesson and assessment building, resource management, PLCs, collaboration, differentiation, presentation and progress monitoring, Ogment helps educators uncover data to make the right decisions for their students every day.