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Teaching and learning


Mathspace Inc.

Mathspace is the world’s first adaptive math program that allows students to receive feedback at every step of a math problem, with handwriting recognition for mobile devices. Each step of students’ math reasoning is automatically graded, with feedback, hints and suggestions guiding students to the final answer.

Reading with Patrick

Penguin Random House

In this memoir, Michelle Kuo shares the story of her complicated but rewarding mentorship of one student and his remarkable literary and personal awakening.


Penguin Random House

This revised and updated third edition by Jay Heinrichs is a favorite text for AP English language, writing and journalism classes. Students will learn the art of persuasion from “professors” ranging from Bart Simpson to Winston Churchill.

OverDrive Education


OverDrive Education has helped more than 17,000 districts and schools implement a customized eBook and audiobook platform. It’s possible to share e-books and audiobooks across two or more schools and districts to increase efficiency and to expand access.


Voyager Sopris Learning

Velocity is a K5 ELA solution that guides students along individualized learning paths. Velocity’s adaptive learning system provides real-time differentiation, thereby delivering the exact instruction a student needs. Teachers receive actionable data and insights to target instruction. Velocity closes ELA gaps, empowers teachers and boosts students’ confidence.

Rosetta Stone Foundations

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone, a trusted partner of educators, provides comprehensive language-learning solutions that enable teachers to integrate technology into the curriculum. Their online language programs integrate with learning models, increase student engagement, include supplemental materials for teachers, offer mobile apps for learning beyond the classroom, and provide administrative and reporting tools. 

Jupiter iO

Jupiter Ed

Jupiter iO, the all-in-one gradebook-LMS-SIS-learning analytics solution gives schools the ability to personalize lessons for student’s individual needs, test students online and analyze the results instantly, to track student progress in real time, and keep both students and parents up-to-date on grades and homework, all from the cloud.

EasyTech Adaptive Keyboarding

This new application helps students develop keyboarding accuracy and speed through independent practice. Students earn badges as they demonstrate improvement while the adaptive engine recommends personalized exercise. It also features intuitive student and teacher dashboards that provide data on practice time, words-per-minute and overall accuracy by key. 

Goalbook Toolkit


This new version of Goalbook Toolkit guides educators working with specialized student populations through the process of varying the levels of instructional support. Toolkit empowers educators by streamlining the process of creating learning targets, identifying strategies and designing instruction. Partnering with Goalbook includes ongoing PD, ensuring students have access to standards-based instruction. 

Goalbook Pathways


Goalbook Pathways isn’t just a website with resources; it combines research-based strategies, exemplars and training in one place so educators can design multiple pathways for all students to succeed. Partnering with Goalbook grants schools and districts access to PD around instructional best practices, applying the UDL framework and standards-based instruction.