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Teaching and learning

Unique Learning System


Unique Learning System is changing the way special education is taught by enabling students with special needs to access the general education curriculum. n2y’s age-respectful learning solutions impact and advance the lives of individuals with special needs.

Mindful Games Activity Cards

Shambhala Publications

Mindful play is a great way for kids to develop their focusing skills while learning to regulate their emotions and respond to any situation calmly, with kindness and compassion. These 55 simple and accessible games are designed for kids, but they can be just as fun and transformative for adults. 

Exact Path


Built by educators for educators, Edmentum Exact Path offers assessment-driven individualized instruction for K8 reading, language arts and math. By pinpointing learning abilities using adaptive diagnostic assessments, accelerating learning through instructionally valid learning paths, and quantifying progress and growth, Edmentum puts students on the path toward success.

McGraw-Hill My Math

McGraw-Hill Education

Customizable to fit your teaching style, McGraw-Hill My Math is a rigorous and challenging K5 program that engages students as they embrace the power of mathematics through real-world applications. Enable your students to progress toward a higher level of achievement and steadily grow their math confidence.


KinderCare Education

At Champions, a division of KinderCare Education, their programs foster a love of learning by creating engaging experiences for children. Their high-quality, on-site programs are AdvancED accredited and include before- and after-school, summer and break-time options designed to cultivate social-emotional and executive-function skills while providing rich opportunities for inquiry-based learning.