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Missouri House approves charter school funding increase

Legislation that would expand charter schools in Missouri has passed one side of the General Assembly.

By a narrow 82-to-76 margin, the Missouri House approved HB-634 -- sponsored by Republican Rebecca Roeber of Lee's Summit -- which would allow charter schools to be established throughout the state. Currently, charter schools -- which are publicly-funded and tuition-free schools that operate independently of the public school system -- are only allowed in the Kansas City and St. Louis areas. First District Representative Allen Andrews -- who represents Atchison, Holt, Nodaway and Worth counties -- broke from the majority of the GOP and voted against the measure. Andrews tells KMA News he is skeptical of charter schools.

"I voted a strong 'no' against this bill out of a concern of what harmful effects this may have to our rural school districts," said Andrews. "The fact is that many existing charter schools have simply not performed at a very high. The bill doesn't provide enough accountability for these charter schools in my opinion."