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Forecast 2016's biggest education trends

Here's your chance to contribute insight and perspective on the year ahead for our special January 2016 Outlook edition—and establish your credentials as a trend forecaster. To participate, please follow the link to fill out a short form.

Competition among assessment companies tests the industry

Testing companies find themselves competing on a tougher playing field for state assessment contracts after a rocky first round of Common Core exams spurred new expectations from state and district education leaders.

Do we need a national moratorium on charter schools?

Making public education more accountable has for years been the solemn pledge of government officials. Yet that same level of accountability and transparency doesn’t seem to apply to the fastest growing sector of K12 education—charter schools.

Forecast 2016's biggest education trends

Will 2016 be another year of rapid transformation for K12 education? District Administration is asking thought leaders to look into the future for our special January Outlook edition. We are looking for informative, fun and engaging predictions across the education spectrum—from technology to funding to the Common Core. To participate, please follow the link to fill out a short form.

The Business of K12 music education

Some districts can’t find music teachers while others struggle to buy instruments. Many administrators must cut music classes to prepare students for testing. Still, schools large and small have kept the music playing with innovative grants, online fundraising and by scouring their budgets for any available resources.

School safety solutions advance

School administrators across the country are turning to portable panic buttons, cloud-based crisis management systems and other technology in the search for new ways to keep students and staff safe. The price tag can run from a few thousand dollars to well into six figures, but administrators say the cost is worth it.

Changing shape of schools benefits

Districts are getting creative in how they address the need to rein in costs and still provide employees with good benefits. They can’t resolve some issues, such as the definition of a full-time employee—but unconventional thinking is yielding ideas that other districts can learn from.

Prioritizing principal PD

Some say that for principals, every day is their first day on the job. Alongside day-to-day building management issues such as hiring teachers, overseeing finances and student discipline, principals now guide teachers through new state standards and testing.

Environmental education digs deep

Environmental education is not just a walk in the woods anymore. It’s a project-based walk in the woods with an iPad. And the learning goals span the curriculum, from STEM to social studies to language arts.