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Education thought leaders forecast 2015 trends

Superintendents and other education experts look ahead on technology, the Common Core, college and career readiness, testing and range of other topics. Readers can add their predictions for 2015 in the comments section.

Nation’s first Arabic dual-language school to open in Houston

Instruction at the Arabic Language Immersion Magnet School will be split evenly between English and Arabic. After Spanish, Arabic is the second-most common non-English language spoken at home for families in the district.

What is bullying?

When we talk about bullying, what do we mean? Unfortunately, the answer is far from clear. Educators are taught one definition, while most state statutes have yet another definition. Worse, surveys are based on a variety of definitions.

Coaching tomorrow’s education leaders

At the core of powerful coaching relationships is the most important quality of effective performance and interactions: High emotional intelligence quotient, or EQ. To increase one’s EQ, coaching needs to focus on four domains: self-awareness, social awareness, self-management and relationship management.

What you need to know about ‘deeper learning’

“Deeper learning” is an education buzzword taking hold in education circles, and could be another term for “21st century learning” and “personalized learning” in a list of trendy ideas to improve U.S. schools. But given new research claiming the method raises achievement and graduation rates, should administrators pay attention?

Teachers drive their own PD in Edcamp movement

If today’s students are expected to direct their own learning, teachers have to be prepared to do the same. That’s the philosophy behind Edcamp, an international network of free, one-day “unconferences” where agendas and sessions aren’t determined until educators arrive in the morning and suggest topics.

Republicans to push NCLB in 2015

The future of No Child Left Behind and charter schools are among the key K12 issues that the new Republican-controlled Congress expects to tackle in 2015. Rep. Lamar Alexander, the incoming education committee chairman, has vowed to lessen federal government’s role in education.

Districts devise solutions for influx of immigrant students

Districts have created transition schools where immigrant students can focus on English skills and receive mental health care, but problems persist with overcrowded classrooms and lack of language services.

OutlookTech: Safety at high speed

Computing devices embedded in jewelry and glasses. Microchips tattooed into skin and sewn into clothing. In one form or another, devices that gather data without any help from the user will slowly infiltrate districts in 2015. In fact, the number of people with a wearable computing device will more than triple this year.

Outlook on administration: Leaders launch new roles

Navigating turbulent waters of uncertain budgets, district leaders have a great challenge: Answer the growing push for accountability and heightened community expectations in 2015.