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OutlookTech: Safety at high speed

Computing devices embedded in jewelry and glasses. Microchips tattooed into skin and sewn into clothing. In one form or another, devices that gather data without any help from the user will slowly infiltrate districts in 2015. In fact, the number of people with a wearable computing device will more than triple this year.

Outlook on administration: Leaders launch new roles

Navigating turbulent waters of uncertain budgets, district leaders have a great challenge: Answer the growing push for accountability and heightened community expectations in 2015.

Outlook on assessments: Crunch time for Common Core

Praised and pilloried at both ends of the political spectrum, the Common Core State Standards—and the years-long effort to establish national benchmarks for student learning—will pass a crucial milestone in 2015, when 11.5 million American schoolchildren finally tackle Common Core-linked math and English tests.

A field guide for implementing blended learning

Blended learning is poised to transform education as we know it. In their book, Blended, Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools, Michael Horn and Heather Staker lay out the components of successful blended learning programs, and challenge readers to create a culture that can make these innovations succeed.

Be a source for our early-college high school story

We are looking to speak with districts that have collaborated with higher education to launch early-college high school programs that are offering students college credit while also better preparing them for the rigors of college coursework. To tell us and our readers about your innovative program, please click the link.

K12 leaders pick favorite products

Continuing to recognize the best of the best, the editors of District Administration magazine are proud to present this year’s 2014 Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products, which were selected from more than 2,400 unique nominations. Up from 1,800 nominations in 2013, this is yet another record-breaking year.

Be a source for our story on data security

Keeping student data safe is a big concern for school district leaders trying to allay parents’ fears that students’ academic records and other sensitive information will be sold to advertisers or other third-parties. Please fill out the form below to contact our editors to share your district's solutions with our readers.

Lessons from Northbridge: What makes a successful district

Massachusetts has led the nation with the top National Assessment of Educational Progress math and reading scores. It was this statistical preeminence that led us to send a team from Somerville Public Schools in New Jersey to the Northbridge School District in Massachusetts to investigate instructional practices.

Coaching the coaches

Truly effective leaders blend elements of coaching with their leadership skills to build trust and maximize the power of social interactions. But when it comes to working with other administrators to hone their skills, the need to coach a coach takes on a greater level of importance.

Bringing mobile under control

Whether devices are tablets or laptops, or owned by the school or the student, they all require IT support. Recent support developments include bundling digital learning applications and the physical device with the cost of mobile device management software.