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Breaking the mold: Toward a paradigm shift in education

When Charles Reigeluth and Jennifer Karnopp titled their book Reinventing Schools: It’s Time to Break the Mold they meant it. The authors are proposing radical changes in the way education meets the demands of today’s Information Age.

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Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent of Schools


Farming for the summer

Forty high school students from Tennessee and Kentucky spent their summer growing healthy food for themselves and the poor and homeless in their community.

Training needed to prevent physical, sexual abuse in schools

Nearly one in 10 K12 students are sexually abused by teachers, coaches, principals and other personnel, according to the Department of Education. To combat a growing number of abuse cases, a California insurance provider is offering free online training courses to help district staff learn how to report abuse.

Florida renewing STEM commitment to rural communities

By 2018, Florida will have 411,000 STEM-related jobs, fourth highest among the 50 states, and nine out of 10 jobs created in the state before the end of the decade will be in STEM-related fields.