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The e-textbook transformation

A new wave of e-textbooks is giving students more than just words and a few hotlinks on a digital page. Publishers over the last few years have been adding video, interactive maps and gamified quizzes designed to engage students more deeply in their learning.

School building rebounds

Safety, flexibility and energy efficiency are the forces driving new school construction as administrations create buildings to rival college facilities to prepare students for the technology-driven world they will find in college and the workforce.

Lake Wales Charter Schools caters to students with needs

The Lake Wales Charter Schools district in Florida faces several challenges, including educating a large migrant population and high poverty rates. Superintendent Jesse L. Jackson and his administration have made communicating with ESL parents a priority.

Be a source for our story: School-to-prison pipeline

District Administration wants to talk to superintendents and other district leaders who have found zero-tolerance discipline policies to be ineffective and replaced them with innovative ways to correct behavior and guarantee security. To participate in the story, please follow the link to contact us.


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