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Be a source for our story on e-textbooks

The transition to e-textbooks has allowed districts, schools and teachers to create their own curriculum. If someone in your district has created their own e-textbook, we'd like to hear about. Please follow the link to contact us.

Tech project changed how we view our librarians

Think about the vast resources available on the internet: primary sources, e-books and applications accessible with a click or tap. It is an unbelievable toolbox that, unfortunately, many teachers and curriculum departments don’t know how to leverage.

Cadaver lab gives students in-depth STEM experience

An austere doctor’s office with three cadavers laid out on stainless-steel examination tables awaits students from seven Illinois high schools. Reminiscent of a scene from CSI, it's a lab where advanced biology students can get a hands-on experience of medical science by dissecting human bodies.

New laws make more room for prayer in schools

New and pending laws in several Southern states are reaffirming students’ rights to pray during the school day and at school-sponsored events such as graduations and football games.

New rules restrict junk food from schools

After July 1, students will have a harder time getting their hands on junk food in public schools, as stricter standards raise the nutritional value of what’s available in cafeterias, campus stores, snack bars and vending machines.