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Opinion: Online assessment—Breaking away from ‘bubble sheets’

Proponents say online assessment is the wave of the future. Opponents say teachers and students aren’t ready. Students from poverty may be at a disadvantage, they argue. I would counter that school should be the place that levels the playing field.

District changes restraint and seclusion policy

Districts that treat students with emotional disabilities with a “one-size-fits-all” behavioral approach across the system must change their policies, according to federal findings in a case against the Prince William County Public Schools in Virginia.

Director of Fiscal Services

A new twist on concentration: Standing while you work

A growing workplace health trend is moving to classrooms: More schools are adding standing desks as a tool to increase alertness and combat childhood obesity.

The future is here: New ed tech targets the brain

Measuring and even changing a student’s brain activity was once a science fiction concept. But technology advances are pushing to market more products that use attention levels and plasticity of the mind to raise academic achievement.

Saving money with refurbished technology

District CIOs looking to save money on computers are increasingly turning to refurbished technology. Buying preowned equipment puts more devices in the hands of students and keeps old machines out of landfills.

Online Assessment: Breaking away from ‘bubble sheets’

In schools across the country, students are swapping their pencils and bubble sheets for computing devices and online tests. Proponents say online assessment is the wave of the future. Opponents say teachers and students aren’t ready. But perhaps the most crucial argument for embracing online assessments is immediacy.

Using innovation to optimize resources

Iowa’s Clinton Community School District has incorporated two cutting-edge programs into its learning environment in hopes of giving students a better chance at graduating and succeeding in college or career.

What are you doing to prevent bullying?

If you are planning to show anti-bullying videos or to feature guest presenters that convey the message, “Don’t bully, you could cause someone to commit suicide,” you should think twice. This message is not only ineffective, but is potentially highly dangerous.

The business of: Equipment leasing and rental

As the economy continues its slow crawl out of the recession, school districts that had put off capital purchases are now replacing outdated equipment and buying new technology. However, administrators are still considering large-scale acquisitions with caution.