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Report: 10 percent of students miss too much school

An estimated one in 10 students in the United States are chronically absent from school, increasing the chances they will fall behind or drop out.

Career tech shifts into higher gear

More states and districts are making changes to their career tech programs to better prepare graduates for today’s jobs. Students are learning business etiquette and more complex technology.

Superintendent turns technology against dropout rate

Oklahoma Superintendent Joe Kitchens is focusing on a strong telecommunications network and analyzing student data through various platforms to raise his district's 63 percent graduation rate.

Administrators must rise above Common Core controversy

As widespread adoption of the Common Core State Standards moves ever closer, the initiative is coming under attack from both the left and right. But school district leaders must ignore the politics and focus on the practical realities of implementation.

Schools take the boring out of long bus rides

Innovations ranging from on-board music to digital mapping and alternative fuels are making long bus rides better experiences for students while also helping districts make transportation more efficient.

How to make school buildings more accessible

Products such as automatic doors, mechanical lifts, and low, touchless trough sinks increase accessibility in schools. Design elements can also increase accessibility beyond ADA requirements.

Los Angeles schools learn lessons from hacked iPads

Administrators in the Los Angeles USD may tap the skills of students who hacked school-purchased iPads to strengthen security on the mobile devices.

Are schools doing enough to stop bullying?

After years of torment from bullies, 15-year-old Bart Palosz of Greenwich, Conn., took his own life on the first day of school in September. His death has led many to question the effectiveness of district bullying policies.

Noteworthy books on K12 issues

"Youth, Education, and the Role of Society" urges expanding learning opportunities, and other recommended reading for district leaders.

Best kept secret for security funding

When upgrading security, can districts afford to wait the weeks or months the purchasing process sometimes takes? A widely available but not very well-known funding option can speed things up.