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Fresh lessons sprout in urban school gardens

School gardens are on the rise in urban areas as educators see the academic benefits of adding hands-on learning to traditional curriculum.

Colorado district first to use market-based pay

Douglas County (Colo.) School District restructuring the pay scale for teachers and educators so the positions that are most in demand get paid more than those in lower demand.

NEA loses members due to budget cuts, teacher layoffs

The National Education Alliance (NEA) has lost 234,000 members, or 8 percent of its membership, since 2010-2011, due to political and economic forces. Over 200,000 of those lost are classroom teachers.

Be a source for our story on college preparation

Statistics show students who have to take remedial courses before starting college are less likely to graduate. Now, some states are requiring high schools to do more to make sure students are ready to take college courses. What is your district doing ? If you can be a source, please follow the link to contact us.

MOOCs go to K12: Higher ed trend expands to high schools

K12 educators and administrators are beginning to experiment with the “massive open online courses”—better known as MOOCs—that have taken the higher education world by storm.

Texas truancy law challenged

A Texas law that forces students who have missed an excessive amount of school to go to court and sometimes jail has been challenged as unconstitutional by a coalition of advocacy groups for young people and the disabled.

ISTE Buzz: STEM video games, cloud collaboration and online PD

Rapidly changing K12 classroom technology that is helping district administrators prepare students for college and the modern workforce was on display at this June’s ISTE conference in San Antonio, Texas.

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Judge rules Bridgeport (Conn.) Superintendent Paul Vallas removed from office

A judge has ordered Bridgeport (Conn.) schools superintendent Paul Vallas removed from office, ruling that the national education reform figure is not properly certified for the position.

Staff-development essentials: Effective online presentations

It may seem expensive to budget to do online in-service education well, but it costs more in the long-run to do it poorly, and even more to skip it altogether.