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Flexbooks help Georgia district keep up with math mandates

Henry County Schools in suburban Atlanta spent just over $100,000 to have iPads for all students in each math classroom in grades 3 through 10.

School prioritize maintenance, air quality, and function in flooring

From maintenance to color to price, the options for a school floor—an investment that is expected to last 25 to 30 years—are numerous.

iPads expand time and space in schools

According to Apple, about 4 million iPads have been sold to U.S. schools. K12 use of devices like Google Chromebooks and Android tablets is also growing.

30 states already teaching some Common Core

The Common Core State Standards are no longer coming—they are already here. At least 30 of the 46 states that have adopted the CCSS in math and English language arts are already teaching to the standards in some grades and districts, according a new report.

Arizona requires financial literacy in schools

Missouri, Tennessee, and Utah, which require students to take one semester of financial literacy in high school, have the strongest laws while many other states, like Arizona, are only required to blend financial literacy into other subjects.

Q&A: Superintendent Patrick Darfler Sweeney talks master consolidation

Patrick Darfler Sweeney, superintendent of Hunter-Tannersville Central School District in upstate New York, has shown that through shared resources and some unique thinking, districts can continue to be forward thinking despite shrinking budgets.

Most Common Core states not aligned to math graduation standards

Out of the 45 states that have adopted the Common Core, only 11 states and the District of Columbia have high school math graduation requirements that align to the new standards, says a new study.

Profile: Superintendent Tom Johnstone driven by social justice

Superintendent of Wiseburn (Calif.) School District has been recognized for improving academic performance by collaborating with local universities and corporations, and for leading the push for Wiseburn to have its own high school.

Be a source for our story on parent engagement platforms

What should districts consider when selecting a digital parent engagement platform? If you can be a source, please follow the link to contact us.

Student Success Act heads to the Senate

States and school districts could win some authority back from the federal government under a controversial update to the Elementary and Secondary Schools Act (ESEA) passed in July by the U.S. House of Representatives.