Amanda Martinez

Whirling fidget spinners invaded classrooms across the country this past spring, but with many schools banning them as a distraction, their future as a potential remedy for students with attention difficulties is in doubt. Read more>>

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Having access to a free book copy, teacher’s guide, poster and more as part of a specifically designed resource kit can help STEM and language arts teachers incorporate Andy Weir’s story of survival and ingenuity into their curriculum. Read more>>

Huffington Post

Make school a safe haven, a place of significance and fun where children want to be. Educate parents on the importance of helping your child to attend as much as possible. But please, do not reward children for coming in when unwell, for putting school above family or for just merely having their name ticked on a register. Read more>>

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In a new efficacy study by McREL International, students using VocabularySpellingCity's word study program for 10 minutes a day showed a 43 percent increase in vocabulary retention and 21.5 percent increase in reading comprehension. Most important, students were motivated and enthusiastic as reported by a teacher who took part in the study. Read more>>

The Inquirer

Charters schools know far more than their school districts how much it costs them to educate their students. They should be responsible, therefore, for developing their own budget instead of relying on one prepared by their sponsoring school district. Read more>>

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Interested in the latest research on the science of literacy? At this summer’s premier professional development event, literacy experts will share the relationships among language, reading and writing, and connect theory to practice. It’s online and easy to attend. Read more>>

Bloomberg View

Districts should focus less on radical changes to the school calendar--such as year-round school--than on making academic instruction available to students earlier in the summer. And policy makers should provide incentives to poorer districts to expand summer enrichment programs that improve students' retention of material taught during the school year. Read more>>

Chicago Booth Review

Questions persists about whether accountability efforts could backfire by driving good teachers out of poorly rated schools. But sometimes the reverse is true: in certain circumstances, a bad accountability mark for a school decreases the likelihood that a teacher will leave, and even leads to more good teachers joining. Read more>>

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