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New Product Showcase

Welcome to DA’s New Product Showcase, featuring over 100 new products and services developed in response to the needs expressed by K-12 school districts throughout the United States. Scroll through the listings below or search by keyword or category to find the solution you are looking for.



Mission control for Curriculum and Instruction, Ogment helps districts manage and improve both on one platform. From live curriculum mapping through lesson and assessment building, resource management, PLCs, collaboration, differentiation, presentation and progress monitoring, Ogment helps educators uncover data to make the right decisions for their students every day.


Education Elements

Do you want to know how your Personalized Learning initiative compares to other districts? Onpoint is a single score that helps identify strengths and areas of focus so you can prioritize what to do next.

OverDrive Education


OverDrive Education has helped more than 17,000 districts and schools implement a customized eBook and audiobook platform. It’s possible to share e-books and audiobooks across two or more schools and districts to increase efficiency and to expand access.

Panorama Student Success

Panorama Education

Panorama Student Success provides a complete picture of every student’s academics, attendance, behavior and social-emotional learning (SEL) in school. By integrating multiple sources of data into one place, Panorama Student Success offers the insights that school and district administrators need to make decisions and to support every student.


Putnam 16 Charging Station


The Putnam 16 Charging Station charges, stores and secures 16 iPads. Designed in collaboration with Putnam City Schools, this charging station solves problems that many schools face when charging iPad or tablet devices. The pre-wired station comes with an external charging status display and a built-in mechanical combination lock.

RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS)

RaaWee K12 Solutions

RaaWee K12 TDPS is an easy-to-use collaboration platform that helps school districts with reducing truancy and eliminating chronic absenteeism. It is built to help schools with their attendance improvement initiatives. Contact RaaWee K12 Solutions to see how your district can also improve student attendance with minimal efforts and resources.

Reading with Patrick

Penguin Random House

In this memoir, Michelle Kuo shares the story of her complicated but rewarding mentorship of one student and his remarkable literary and personal awakening.


Curriculum Associates

Ready is a rigorous instruction and practice program that fully prepares students for the Common Core in a highly supportive way. It’s an out-of-the box solution that teachers can start using right away, because it provides them with step-by-step, point-of-use PD to help them teach the standards most effectively.

Redbird Mathematics

McGraw-Hill Education

Redbird Mathematics delivers personalized learning for K-6 students by continuously assessing understanding and utilizing robust content to individually customize each student’s learning trajectory. Redbird complements core curricula to remediate, challenge and accelerate students. Based on decades of research at Stanford University, Redbird’s unique adaptive motion engine guides students to proficiency. 

Renaissance Star Spanish®


Get the complete picture with Renaissance Star Spanish®, the only K12 assessment that provides side-by-side domain scores for early literacy, reading and math. Assess Spanish-speaking students in English and Spanish, compare scores to identify gaps, and determine if a student needs help with skills mastery, English language acquisition, or both.