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wellness programs

Which of the two parts of your workers’ compensation program costs the most: the medical treatment for work-related injuries or lost wage replacement (or indemnity). Historically, the indemnity payments accounted for most costs, but recently, the steady rise in medical costs has driven your workers’ compensation costs.

In late June, two elementary school sisters in Tacoma (Wash.) Public Schools came home from a field day sunburned so badly that their mother rushed them to the hospital. Aside from being fair skinned, one girl, Zoe, has albinism, making her particularly sensitive to the sun. Because it was raining that morning, Zoe’s mother hadn’t put sunscreen on her daughter. Tacoma school officials said that sunscreen is monitored by the FDA as an over-the-counter drug and isn’t allowed in schools without a doctor’s note. The only exception is California.

Recommendations for how to make school a "healthy place" for children in low-income communities.

Ideas on why and how to create faculty staff wellness programs in schools.

Ideas on why and how to evaluate your school wellness programs.

Tips for administrators on how to plan a highly targeted and useful evaluation of your school wellness program.

Ideas about partnerships that can be formed to facilitate new wellness programs and initiatives.

A list of potential partnership opportunities that can be formed to facilitate new wellness programs and initiatives.

Helpful hints on how to bridge the gap between home and school.