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This collaborative learning software creates high-impact lessons. With the latest version, Notebook software can be standardized across all brands of interactive hardware across a district. Notebook also includes access to SMART Exchange, an online library with more than 60,000 free lessons and other teaching resources.

Reader Testimony: 

“The gallery in the SMART Notebook software has been so powerful for teachers and students alike due to the large variety of manipulatives (coins, counters, pictures, etc.) and interactive flash-based games that teachers and students can easily customize with their own content. The new internet browser feature has also allowed teachers and students to browse the internet within the software itself.” — Monica Nahas, digital learning specialist, Fort Bend ISD, Texas


MimioTeach transforms traditional dry-erase boards into interactive whiteboards. Because MimioTeach is lightweight and portable, it can be moved between classrooms. Using the MimioPad tablet, teachers can control their interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom.

Reader Testimony: 

“MimioTeach has become the standard interactive whiteboard product used by our district. It’s easy to install and relocate when teachers change classrooms. The cost is affordable and fits within our budget constraints, and our teachers and students love having the ability to interact.”

—Lori Wells, network coordinator, North Marion School District, Ore.


These interactive devices combine the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer. SMART Boards allow teachers to provide interactive lessons to the whole class, write notes in digital ink, and save work with the touch of a finger or stylus pen.

Reader Testimony: 

“This product increases student engagement and challenges teachers to create more interesting and motivating lessons. With so much emphasis on standardized tests, it is a pleasure to have a product that focuses on students’ motivation and engagement. Increasing student achievement follows naturally.”

—Charity Harbeck, media specialist, Calvert County Public Schools, Md.


In the 21st-century classroom, K12 students are no longer practicing math equations at the chalkboard. Instead, math instruction has evolved into online and software-based programs that make learning interactive, challenging, and fun. The following math software programs do just that, as well as adapt to a student’s individual needs and skill level and provide much-needed information to teachers and parents. 

In the 21st-century classroom, interactive whiteboards have taken the place of traditional chalkboards from the past. Whiteboards allow for interactive, digital instruction and use software that both students and educators can collaborate with. The lessons, presentations, and online content are also brought to life on whiteboards with the use of projectors, tablets, stands, and controllers. The products featured here are all used to enrich the interactive whiteboard learning experience in the modern K12 environment.


Since the launch of the Apple iPad, educators have touted the tool’s ability to engage special education students with autism spectrum disorder through unique, customizable applications and stimulating touchscreen technology. Many still feel, however, that although touchscreen tablets work well as personalized tools, they cannot be a replacement for interactive whiteboards, which help autistic students with social learning in a group setting.

Whiteboards began making headway in the K12 arena in 2006, and their presence in classrooms has increased exponentially ever since.

Lee County Public Schools in Fort Myers, Fla., performed a full migration of its data center, complete with new storage solutions, more than three years ago. With a $500,000 budget for the conversion—one-third of what surrounding districts had spent for similar initiatives—Lee County couldn’t afford bells and whistles.



SMART Technology's suite of STEM-products—applicable for science, technology, engineering and math, as well as other subjects—help even the most socially or academically reluctant pupils make the grade and have fun doing it.


It's an old question in the relatively new world of interactive whiteboards: pen or touch?