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Feb 2004

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The Answer: $1.5 billion for America's schools

The Question: If the costs of unnecessary energy use in schools were subtracted fromot the $6 billion schools spend on energy every year, what would be saved?

In a new millennium with a new federal mandate to leave no child behind, there's one constant for teachers: The need for new teachers to be nurtured, trained and treated with the respect a professional deserves.

The mission of a school is to facilitate learning. Learning depends on teachers, buildings, curriculum, materials, and, increasingly, security.

Charleston County (N.C.) School District

As school leaders can attest, they're always being asked to do more. New requirements, new tests and new demands from parents are just some of the daily issues they face.


One-on-one work helps this superintendent focus on his students--all 5,700 of them

It is not enough to visit the schools. It is not enough to walk the halls and wave. It is not enough to watch at the back of the classroom.

This district proves that a digital divide effort can be stretched to accomplish so much more

They say when you look at fine sculpture, the work can be viewed from any angle without disappointment. The artist considers every side.

After-school programs and summer sessions are not the only ways to extend time for student learning, nor are they the least expensive.


Charter Schools Likely to Grow

Is it a better option? Will students learn more, test better? These questions continue to linger around charter schools and charter districts.

While there is no definitive answer, what is certain is that charter schools help answer a demand of the No Child Left Behind Act. Charters are one option for students in low-performing schools who want to transfer to better schools. Already, policy makers in California, the District of Columbia and Pennsylvania have created charter districts. Charter schools exist in 40 states.


The main goal of this magazine is to help school leaders do their jobs, whether they are superintendents, curriculum leaders or IT directors. So, when we saw a chance to extend our influence past the printed page, we didn't hesitate.


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