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Feb 2003

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Cover Story


Picture this: One by one, middle school students flash across the computer screen. "I don't think I've ever read a non-fiction book that I enjoyed," one girl says. "I stutter a lot, sometimes. I don't like reading out loud to my class because I get nervous," a boy says.


Pledge of Performance

Sensing where the power lies, this superintendent has joined with politicians to help create workable education policies

Hillsborough County Superintendent Earl Lennard always said he would put his money where his mouth is. This year, he had to pay up.

There is a stark change in the emotional environment of a school when you take charge of the clock. Two years ago, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Rock Island-Milan (Ill.) School District #41 moved to a year-round calendar. On a recent Friday, Principal Rick Loy remarks, "I haven't had one student sent to the office all week. And I know why. We've just had two weeks off, everyone is refreshed, remotivated and their fire has been rekindled." Instead of hearing teachers and students asking when the next vacation is, Loy says they're just excited to be back.


Edison Schools’ Acid Test

For Edison Schools, running 20 schools in Philadelphia may be the test that determines the company’s fate. If that is so, the experiment has gotten off to a rough start.


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