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Jul 2007

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Cover Story


The Clarkstown Central School District is located in a largely residential middle to upper class community in Rockland County, New York, 25 miles from New York City, and has a population of more than 70,000 residents.

As one of five finalists last year for the Broad Prize for Urban Education, often called America's Nobel Prize for urban education, the Jersey City Public Schools reached the pinnacle of the nation's best performing school districts.


The Secret, a recent movie, promotes the law of attraction, the notion that we attract what we think about. Can district leaders attract great teachers by simply thinking about what their schools would be like if all positions were filled with highly qualified individuals? It might be a good exercise for vision setting, but research suggests that schools need to match recruitment and retention efforts to the characteristics and motivations of teachers and teaching candidates.


History and Civics Test Scores Improve

Two reports recently released by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), the federal government's standard measure of public school achievement, point to improvements in U.S. history and civics test scores among fourth-graders, as well as improved history (but not civics) scores for eight hand 12th graders.