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Sep 2008

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Benjamin Soria, Yakima (Wash.) Public Schools


In Doninger v. Niehoff, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled in May that a Connecticut school district that disciplined a student for vulgar and derogatory remarks made off-campus did not violate her free speech rights.


Parents of children in most elementary grades in Minnesota’s Independent School District 191 receive an annual notice with potentially life-altering data for their children—and they are not state test scores, attendance rates or grades.


A school principal's job has never been tougher.



In the aftermath of a failed school funding referendum in April 2002, officials and board members from the Marquardt School District 15 in Illinois realized that a shortage of funds was not their only problem.

Teacher collaboration and professional learning communities are frequently mentioned in articles and reports on school improvement. Schools and teachers benefit in a variety of ways when teachers work together. A small but growing body of evidence suggests a positive relationship between teacher collaboration and student achievement.

Benefits for Schools and Teachers



Technology Debate Needed



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