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Readers' Choice Top 100 Products - 2013District Administration Top 100 Products

zSpace System

Company : zSpace

The 24-inch HD LCD display, stylus, eyewear and software create an immersive, interactive platform for students and educators. zSpace displays 3D, stereoscopic images projected in open space above or in front of the display. Viewing and manipulating the spatial attributes of objects and data engages users’ spatial reasoning and enhances their understanding of spatial relationships.

Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products

Manga High

Company : Blue Duck Education, Ltd.

These free online educational games are designed to teach students in grades 1 through 10 various math skills. Manga High uses adaptive technology to give slower learners their own pathway into math, and give more confident students the opportunity to excel. Teachers can emphasize specific skills by giving students personalized to-do lists.

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Meals Plus

Company : Education Management Systems, Inc.

Made for PCs, this school cafeteria management software can be used during point-of-sale to identify students on free or reduced-price lunch programs. It includes features such as menu planning, nutrient analysis, and financial management. The system also manages food and supply inventory.

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Company : DyKnow

This web-based, interactive learning product allows teachers to collaborate with students across laptops, desktops, tablets, and other devices. Teachers can personalize online lessons and perform real-time assessment through polls.

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TalentEd Recruit & Hire

Company : Netchemia

A cloud-based tracking and hiring management system specifically designed for K12, TalentEd Recruit & Hire provides administrators with tools to identify and communicate with potential candidates. TalentEd can schedule interviews, create online job applications, and store frequently used documents, like orientation checklists and evaluation rubrics.

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The Educator Case for iPad

Company : MaxCases

This case has a snap-in, hard plastic back to protect the corners and the back of the iPad. An adjustable hand strap on the back of the case prevents strain on a teacher’s hand when holding an iPad for long periods of time. A swivel base allows users to turn the iPad 360 degrees and view the device at the most comfortable angle.

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Castle Learning Online

Company : Castle Software, Inc.

Castle Learning Online, a supplement to classroom instruction, offers review assignments, practice sessions, and benchmark testing. It saves teachers time with automatic grading, assignment management, and instant progress reports. Core content areas for grades 3 through 12 are aligned to state standards.

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Company : SchoolDude

With this cloud-based solution, administrators can manage school maintenance requests. Users can schedule planned maintenance, control inventory items, monitor energy consumption, and plan for future capital needs. MaintenanceDirect also can create detailed tabular reports in HTML, PDF, or Microsoft Excel format.

Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products

Reading Mastery Signature Edition

Company : McGraw-Hill

Such a comprehensive program can serve as a school reading intervention curriculum for K5. Reading Mastery Signature Edition uses explicit instruction, modeling, guided practice, and independent practice to help students meet the rigorous Common Core standards in vocabulary, writing, and comprehension.

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Company : TenMarks Education, Inc.

The TenMarks online, adaptive math program offers a personalized curriculum for every student. TenMarks is aligned to Common Core standards and is available for grade 2 through Algebra 2. Teachers can access assessments that provide insight into each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

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