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Readers' Choice Top 100 Products - 2013District Administration Top 100 Products

Literacy First

Company : Catapult Learning

A teaching and leadership framework, Literacy First helps districts create a three-year strategy to boost student and teacher success in reading and writing. The Common Core-aligned program can be used to set benchmarks and measure achievement. The program includes school site visits from Literacy First experts, professional development, coaching, and curriculum materials.

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The Social Express

Company : The Language Express, Inc.

This software is designed to help children and young adults with learning challenges develop meaningful social relationships. With The Social Express, students use cartoon characters to learn how to think about and manage various social situations, such as understanding body language, working in groups, and initiating conversation.

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Company : Apple

iPads are used by educators to deliver interactive lessons and by administrators to measure the performance of students and teachers. The thousands of education-specific apps available for iPad can be used to download textbooks, play educational games, and watch videos.

Honorable Mention:

iPad Mini

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Company : USATestprep, Inc.

This online system helps middle and high school students prepare for the Common Core standards and high-stakes tests. Teachers and administrators can then create tests with randomly-generated questions that mimic an actual state-administered test. The USATestprep program also includes test revision materials, and its reporting feature helps teachers identify student weaknesses.

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Lingle Online

Company : Lingle Online, Ltd.

Made for English-language learners, Lingle can analyze any online news article to help incorporate current events into a lesson. It automatically classifies how difficult a news article is, and identifies grammar patterns, and vocabulary usage. Lingle builds glossaries and creates language exercises for each student. Teachers can use Lingle to build complete lesson plans using real news articles.

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Company : GroupCast

SchoolReach is a school notification system that helps educational leaders send schedule change notices, weather advisories, lunch balance notifications, emergency alerts, and other messages to parents via voice, text, email, and social media. A free smartphone app allows school administrators to send notifications directly from an iPhone or Android phone.

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InviteRight School Tools

Company : Event IQ

This online tool gives administrators templates to create and manage school events, like meetings and fundraisers. EventIQ can send out invitations in various ways, such as via email, and also manage RSVPs and payments. Users can create an interactive floor map to plan seating and equipment setup in any event location.

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Student Management Suite

Company : Skyward

The Skyward Management Suite allows teachers, administrators, and parents to follow students’ progress and use past data for ongoing analysis. Teachers can grade assignments from anywhere, and manage attendance, schedules, and discipline from one central location. Automated reports on student progress can be emailed to teachers and staff.

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Rosetta Stone

Company : Rosetta Stone, Ltd.

This program uses interactive technology to immerse users in a new language. Using sounds, images, and text, Rosetta Stone systematically builds words into sentences and sentences into conversations. Learners learn how to speak, read, write, and listen in their new language. Rosetta Stone courses take about 40-50 hours to complete.

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Company : Reliance Communications, Inc.

SchoolMessenger delivers timely messages through voice, text, email, social media, RSS, desktop popup alerts, and website postings. Districts use this service to deliver daily attendance notifications, emergency broadcasts, general outreach messages, student-specific classroom updates, and surveys.

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