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Readers' Choice Top 100 Products - 2013District Administration Top 100 Products


Company : Google

This lightweight laptop is equipped with popular Google products including Search, Gmail, YouTube, and Hangouts. Students and teachers can choose from thousands of free, additional apps for education, and let Chromebook keep everything fresh with automatic updates. Users can access their photos, music, videos, and assignments from anywhere using the GoogleDrive cloud service.

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Company : SMART Technologies

These interactive devices combine the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer. SMART Boards allow teachers to provide interactive lessons to the whole class, write notes in digital ink, and save work with the touch of a finger or stylus pen.

Honorable Mention:

SMART Response, Notebook 11.1, Document Camera

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Aventa Learning

Company : K12

Aventa Learning delivers online courses to middle and high school students. It offers more than 140 different courses, including advanced placement, core courses, foreign languages, and credit recovery courses with ELL support. With Aventa’s custom content development team, educators also can build their own online courses.

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Company : PlascoTrac

This web-based application allows K12 schools and districts to track student behavior data, including tardiness, detentions, and even positive behavior in the classroom. The data can be inputted into student information systems, which teachers can later analyze and report to parents.

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Teacher Dashboard

Company : Hapara

With Hapara’s Teacher Dashboard, educators can get a snapshot view of each student’s work in Google Docs, Sites, Blogger, and Picasa. Teachers can get a closer look at the work in a folder that is created for each student. Hapara allows students to drop their homework right in their own folders.

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One Call Now

Company : One Call Now

This software allows schools to quickly send alerts and announcements to parents, teachers, staff, and communities by phone, text message, or email. The system includes 30 pre-recorded and customizable messages translated into 11 languages. Typed messages can be instantly translated into one of 52 languages.

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Magic Touch

Company : KEYTEC

Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac software, this add-on touch screen kit converts any standard monitor or notebook computer into a touch-interactive device. Often used as an assistive technology tool for students with special needs, Magic Touch can be controlled by fingers, gloved hands, or a stylus, and also can be used with a mouse.

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Teacher Lists

Company : School Family Media

This free, online service helps teachers share school-supply wish lists with parents. Lists that appear on the homepage can be emailed to parents and posted on Facebook and Twitter. Teachers also can put a badge on their blog or school website that links back to the wish list.

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Company : Clever

The Clever software allows districts to sync a variety of student information platforms to more easily manage student login information. Some of the platforms Clever has partnered with include myOn Reader, MyBigCampus, and DreamBox Learning.

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Company : Aptium

SchoolBrains is a secure, web-based program that can store and analyze student and staff information. This includes a student’s attendance, behavior, and test results as well as complete faculty and administrative performance records. Teachers can also use SchoolBrains to manage grading and publish report cards.

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