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Readers' Choice Top 100 Products - 2013District Administration Top 100 Products


Company : CK-12

The FlexBook platform allows teachers to assemble their own digital textbooks. Teachers can start from scratch or build textbooks from FlexBooks’ library of text, videos, audio, images, and quizzes. Content is designed for a variety of skill levels and standards, including the Common Core.

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Company : SunGard

eSchoolPLUS provides tools for managing report cards, attendance, transcripts, disciplinary records, test scores, demographics, and other student information. Also for teachers, eSchool Plus contains an integrated gradebook and assignment management system. The home access feature allows parents to review much of this information.

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Company : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

This online data management solution is designed to help educators improve student performance. DataDirector helps make sense of a huge range of data to provide longitudinal tracking and reporting of student assessment data, student demographic data, as well as professional development activities.

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Post Graduate Surveys

Company : LifeTrack Services, Inc.

This service creates customizable postgraduate surveys for districts. Administrators can write questions that ask graduates about the quality of education they received. LifeTrack will create and mail the survey to the former students and follow up with a phone call. It compiles the data and sends a report to administrators.

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Company : eSped

The eStar Response to Intervention (RTI) application helps educators organize the information they need to evaluate and support students who are struggling academically or behaviorally. Districts can document strategies set to prevent students from being referred to special education, and share information with all staff members involved in the process. eStar RTI meets No Child Left Behind and Civil Rights Act requirements.

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Ascend Math

Company : Ascend Education

This web program provides students throughout K12 with math tutorials and personalized learning plans, while giving teachers continuous feedback on performance. Ascend Math helps identify student skill gaps; prescribes individualized instruction; and motivates students through video instruction and interactive lessons.

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Finger Scan ID System

Company : identiMetrics

The Finger Scanning ID software can replace ID swipe cards, PINs, barcodes, and visual identification. It can be deployed anywhere in a school where students, teachers, staff, or visitors need to be identified—such as a lunch line or at the front door. It can operate in a single location or provide identification to multiple workstations.

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Build Your Own Curriculum

Company : School Software Group

This monitoring system allows teachers to locate state curriculum requirements and resources, and update lesson plans. Administrators can monitor learning progress by school, grade, or classroom. Students can see the standards they’re expected to master, look at class activities, and retrieve the resources they’ll need to complete their work.

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Company : The eDoctrina Corporation

As a multi-purpose curriculum mapping and assessment software, eDoctrina helps educators strengthen their schools’ focus on state standards. Educators can create standards-based lesson plans, build assessments, and scan assessment results to pinpoint students who are falling behind.

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The Foundations of Flipped Learning

Company : Flipped Learning Network

A blended professional development course with self-paced online modules, The Foundations of Flipped Learning provides all-day onsite training followed by two remote mentoring sessions. The program is based on the four pillars of FLIP: flexible environments, learning culture, intentional content, and professional educators.

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