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Readers' Choice Top 100 Products - 2013District Administration Top 100 Products


Company : CK-12

The FlexBook platform allows teachers to assemble their own digital textbooks. Teachers can start from scratch or build textbooks from FlexBooks’ library of text, videos, audio, images, and quizzes. Content is designed for a variety of skill levels and standards, including the Common Core.

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Company : SunGard

eSchoolPLUS provides tools for managing report cards, attendance, transcripts, disciplinary records, test scores, demographics, and other student information. Also for teachers, eSchool Plus contains an integrated gradebook and assignment management system. The home access feature allows parents to review much of this information.

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Company : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

This online data management solution is designed to help educators improve student performance. DataDirector helps make sense of a huge range of data to provide longitudinal tracking and reporting of student assessment data, student demographic data, as well as professional development activities.

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Post Graduate Surveys

Company : LifeTrack Services, Inc.

This service creates customizable postgraduate surveys for districts. Administrators can write questions that ask graduates about the quality of education they received. LifeTrack will create and mail the survey to the former students and follow up with a phone call. It compiles the data and sends a report to administrators.

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Company : eSped

The eStar Response to Intervention (RTI) application helps educators organize the information they need to evaluate and support students who are struggling academically or behaviorally. Districts can document strategies set to prevent students from being referred to special education, and share information with all staff members involved in the process. eStar RTI meets No Child Left Behind and Civil Rights Act requirements.

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Ascend Math

Company : Ascend Education

This web program provides students throughout K12 with math tutorials and personalized learning plans, while giving teachers continuous feedback on performance. Ascend Math helps identify student skill gaps; prescribes individualized instruction; and motivates students through video instruction and interactive lessons.

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Finger Scan ID System

Company : identiMetrics

The Finger Scanning ID software can replace ID swipe cards, PINs, barcodes, and visual identification. It can be deployed anywhere in a school where students, teachers, staff, or visitors need to be identified—such as a lunch line or at the front door. It can operate in a single location or provide identification to multiple workstations.

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Build Your Own Curriculum

Company : School Software Group

This monitoring system allows teachers to locate state curriculum requirements and resources, and update lesson plans. Administrators can monitor learning progress by school, grade, or classroom. Students can see the standards they’re expected to master, look at class activities, and retrieve the resources they’ll need to complete their work.

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Company : The eDoctrina Corporation

As a multi-purpose curriculum mapping and assessment software, eDoctrina helps educators strengthen their schools’ focus on state standards. Educators can create standards-based lesson plans, build assessments, and scan assessment results to pinpoint students who are falling behind.

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The Foundations of Flipped Learning

Company : Flipped Learning Network

A blended professional development course with self-paced online modules, The Foundations of Flipped Learning provides all-day onsite training followed by two remote mentoring sessions. The program is based on the four pillars of FLIP: flexible environments, learning culture, intentional content, and professional educators.

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Perfecta 2400

Company : Varitronics, LLC

This full-color, poster-design system was developed exclusively for schools and comes with a scanner, printer stand, and educationally-relevant templates and graphics. Teachers and administrators can use the Perfecta 2400 to post academic standards, test scores, infographics, event information, and academic achievements on school walls.

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myON Reader

Company : Capstone

A personalized literacy environment, myON Reader engages students at all reading levels with its library of more than 2,000 enhanced digital books. Books are recommended to students based on individual interests and reading level using the Lexile Framework for Reading. myON Reader measures time spent reading, number of books read, and reading growth.

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Complete Campus Security Solution Visitor Management Software

Company : Ident-A-Kid

Ident-A-Kid’s Complete Campus Security System (CCSS) is a free, visitor-management program that signs in and prints name badges for all visitors, and documents the lengths and reasons for their visits. Tardy and early-dismissal students also can be recorded. Its new messaging system, ParentAlert, can notify parents of any emergency.

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Company : PublicSchoolWORKS

This compilation of school safety tools includes training courses, procedures, and checklists for programs like accident management and compliance. School districts also can add their own tools and content. The management system needed to operate a district’s safety program is included.

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ParentLink App

Company : Parlant Technology

The ParentLink mobile app gives the school community a personalized window into what is happening at a school. With this app, educators can post grades, assignments, and attendance reports along with news, events, and announcements.

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Company : Lego Education

This curriculum package helps elementary school educators create language arts lessons focused on enhancing students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. With the StoryStarter software, educators can create rich language arts lessons that also inspire teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity.

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Company : Interactive Achievement

TRACbook is a web-based data management tool that lets administrators search and analyze previously fragmented student data sets. Reports can be arranged by student, class, teacher, and school. It also can be used to create watch lists of students who are struggling and track intervention programs.

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IdentiFi Wireless

Company : Enterasys (now a part of Extreme Networks)

IdentiFi Wireless provides wired-like internet access for mobile and BYOD users. It includes Wi-Fi access points, centralized management, HD video, and data services. The system is designed to route Wi-Fi traffic to boost performance and reliability.

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Professional Development Courses

Company : Florida Virtual School

This online school creates customized, web-based professional development programs for individuals, schools, and districts across the country. Professional development options are delivered as virtual courses, live webinars, or as face-to-face customized workshops. FLVS courses are specifically designed for student motivation, school leadership, and online teaching.

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Company : ExploreLearning

Gizmos contains interactive online simulations for math and science education in grades 3 through 12. Gizmos is ideal for small group work, individual exploration, and whole-class instruction using an LCD projector or interactive whiteboard. Gizmos aligns with state curriculum standards, the Common Core standards, and more than 300 textbooks.

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School Info App

Company : School Info App

This mobile app enables parents, students, alumni, faculty, and staff to quickly access school information and announcements. Users can receive smartphone notifications, view event calendars, get directions to off-campus events, and view staff contact information. Schools can post grades, lunch menus, and important documents.

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BoardDocs Pro

Company : Emerald Data Solutions

The BoardDocs Pro paperless solution uses cloud-based technology to give school boards and other governing bodies electronic options for processing all types of documents, including agendas and policies. This eliminates the need to assemble, print, distribute, and revise board packets.

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Company : Pearson

OpenClass is a free, cloud-based LMS that helps educators deliver interactive digital courses to students. This open solution allows educators to create, manage, and add courses online, and lets students collaborate. OpenClass also can integrate with Google Apps for Education.

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SEAS Education

Company : Computer Automation Systems

The web-based SEAS Education system allows district administrators to manage their special-needs programs while cutting down on paperwork. Administrators can digitally demonstrate accountability with timeline compliance, Medicaid billing, IEP forms, and assessment report management.

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Company : eBOARD

This integrated suite of cloud-based tools can organize and distribute a district board of education’s operational plans, leader evaluations, administrative regulations, and meeting agendas. Administrators can access eBOARD from any computer with an internet connection.



Company : ClassLink

Accessible from any device, LaunchPad is ideal for BYOD and 1-to-1 initiatives in schools. Its personalized cloud desktop gives students and teachers access to school from anywhere with any PC, Mac, or Android device. LaunchPad includes a homework dropbox, calendar, and other collaboration tools, and allows users to access popular education applications.

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Company : Frontline

Teacher substitute placement and absence management can be automated online and over-the-phone with this online tool. Teachers can register their absences at any time, either by calling a toll-free number or by logging on to Aesop online. Aesop also saves data entry time by integrating with other software applications.

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Lexia Reading Core5

Company : Lexia Learning Systems, Inc.

This reading curriculum tool for students in pre-K through grade 5 provides systematic and personalized learning in six areas of reading instruction. Designed to meet the Common Core and rigorous state standards, Core5 predicts students’ year-end performance and gives teachers data-driven action plans.

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Beginning Reading & Math

Company : Funnix

These programs from Funnix include online resources, DVDs, lesson plans, and print materials. Funnix Math is designed for preschool or kindergarten children who don’t know math or lack counting skills. Funnix Reading helps non-readers reach a beginning third-grade level.

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Company : IStation

This computer-based learning system uses animations and characters to engage struggling students’ interest in reading. With programs for pre-K through 12, IStation teaches vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. Teachers also have access to hundreds of resources, such as on-demand assessments and lesson plans.

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LanSchool 7.7

Company : Stoneware

LanSchool 7.7 is an online classroom management program that allows teachers to share their screens and block learning distractions like the internet, email, and games. This version includes distance teaching capabilities, allowing students to connect to the cloud network from their own devices. It also works with Stoneware’s iOS Teacher Assistant, iOS Student, and Android Student applications. It supports PCs, Macs, Linux, and Thin Clients.

Honorable Mention:

Web Network

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Case Assessments

Company : TE21

Teachers preparing for state testing can give benchmark assessments and get students’ scores back within 48 hours. Teachers can then identify what skills need to be reinforced. CASE Assessments provides premade and custom assessments that can be given at six- or nine-week intervals.

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Company : Engrade

This gradebook and LMS helps teachers manage their classes online and connect with students 24/7. Engrade has an assignment calendar, online messaging, quizzes, and flashcards. Administrators and teachers also have access to real-time student assessment reports that can be shared with parents.

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Attention 2 Attendance

Company : School Innovations & Achievement

As an intervention software program, Attention 2 Attendance is designed to help districts reduce truancy and excessive absences. It allows administrators to track and analyze absence patterns, which also can be compared to district historical trends.

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Company : Instructure

This LMS platform includes analytics that provide comparable statistics for students, classes, and schools. Canvas’ speed grader allows teachers to quickly grade student work and provide personalized feedback. A co-enrollment platform connects parents to their children’s courses.

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Company : NanoTouch Materials, LLC

NanoSeptic products have surfaces that kill bacteria, viruses, and funguses. Standard products include door push pads and handle wraps for public area doorways, and snack/desk mats for the classroom. NanoSeptic can customize to a school’s environment and needs.

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Company : DOGO Media, Inc.

This website posts articles about current events and worldwide news that are written for—and in some cases, by—children, and is often used in language arts, science, and social studies lesson plans. DOGOnews articles are short, simple and include photos/videos to keep students engaged. DOGOnews contains thousands of articles and is updated daily.


Company : Observe4Success

Administrators can use this web-based tool to observe and sustain effective instructional practice and classroom culture. Using an observation template on any laptop or tablet, data is collected during an evaluation and can be shared with teachers and other administrators by email. observe4success identifies trends by storing, sorting, and analyzing data by teacher, grade level, department, and school.

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Streaming Plus

Company : Discovery Education

Streaming Plus provides teachers and students access to a library of more than 112,000 standards-aligned, digital resources that address multiple learning styles. Resources include instructional videos, games, audio files, images, writing prompts, and encyclopedia articles.

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Study Island

Company : Edmentum

This curriculum helps K12 students master state-specific, grade-level academic standards by providing instruction, practice, assessment, and productivity tools via web-based platforms. Study Island’s programs enable educators to track student performance while administrators also can monitor teacher effectiveness.

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EmployeeSafe Suite

Company : EmployeeSafe Suite

PublicSchoolWORKS combines Web-based administrative tools, content and support to implement and maintain a district's staff and student health, safety compliance and behavior management plans. EmployeeSafe Suite software is a safety program that facilitates timely and consistent administration of safety training, compliance task management and accident management for school personnel.

Price: Starting at $3,000 | homeschooling