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Snapshot of school construction shows steady spending

September, 2016
This past summer, a number of districts broke ground and got to work . (Photo: barraud)

Districts and government agencies spend nearly $50 billion every year on school construction projects across the U.S.

This past summer, a number of districts broke ground and got to work while many others, with their projects still in the planning phase, approved funds for new buildings, upgrades and repairs.

School stadium stimulus

James Paterson
September, 2016
Eagle Stadium at Allen High School in Texas earns about $1.5 million a year, packing all 18,000 seats for most games.

Big high school football stadiums in Texas have come under scrutiny from local fiscal watchdogs, but pushback is just part of the story about sports facility finance—where expenditures and potential revenue sources have grown more complex and potentially lucrative.

Green school enriches students and the community

Ariana Fine
August, 2016
The Good Ground Community Garden at Hampton Bays Middle School is divided into a series of beds, shared between the elementary and middle schools, and individual and community group planters.

Community helped design Hampton Bays Middle School, which opened in 2008, on Long Island in New York. The LEED-certified building can be used for town hall meetings and adult learning classes, and offers a community garden.

Schools design for disasters

Patricia Daddona
August, 2016
After a 2011 tornado killed students and a staff member at Joplin Public Schools, then-Superintendent C.J. Huff brought in 75 concrete bunkers from FEMA to serve as shelters and a safe place during dangerous storms.

Designing new buildings or retrofitting existing ones to meet standards for natural disasters is an especially complex challenge for school leaders. But building to a more modern code makes a district eligible for more federal assistance

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