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How to create impactful makerspaces

DA Custom Publishing
January, 2017
Experts share strategies on room design, curriculum development and identifying funding sources

Makerspaces reinforce STEM skills and enable more authentic learning. While there are a variety of ways to design and build makerspaces, there are some key strategies administrators can employ to ensure their program is successful.

Designing rooms that facilitate access and choice

Making experiential learning with 3D printing

DA Custom Publishing
January, 2017
“This machine is completely plug-and-play. Within 40 minutes, I was printing my first object.”

One day in May 2016, while browsing Twitter, Eric Langhorst stumbled upon a call for participants for the Dremel Idea Builder Ambassador program. Dremel Education, a manufacturer of 3D printers, was looking for 10 educators to use the Idea Builder 3D40 printer in innovative ways in their classrooms.

Using 3D printers to create authentic experiences

DA Custom Publishing
January, 2017
The user-friendly MOD-t 3D printer facilitates experiential learning at Los Angeles academy

When STEM3 Academy built its first innovation lab in 2014, one of the first pieces of equipment installed in the space was a 3D printer.

“We saw that it could be a very useful tool to integrate into the curriculum,” says Dr. Ellis Crasnow, director of STEM3 Academy. “We began immediately teaching 3D modeling and using the printer to prototype student designs.”

Remaking the K12 classroom

Matt Zalaznick
February, 2017
FARM PHILOSOPHY—Superintendent Pam Moran (middle) says growing up on a farm inspired her to provide students in Virginia’s Albemarle County Public Schools with instruction that centers on making things and solving problems connected to real-world challenges.

Albemarle County, Virginia—A snake bit Pam Moran in front of her class on her first day of teaching 40 years ago. Moran, now a superintendent in Virginia, had no one to blame but herself on that fateful day in 1975.

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