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Report details privacy concerns of security upgrades in schools

Andrew Bauld
January, 2017
The collection and use of K12 surveillance data is severely unregulated and a cause for concern. (

With increased technological surveillance to protect and monitor students has come deep consequences for student privacy and equity, according to a new report from the National Association of State Boards of Education.

More schools teaching students how to respond to police

Matt Zalaznick
January, 2017
DEFUSE A PROBLEM—Miami Assistant Public Defender Tammy Gray, standing at right, teaches local students about their rights when detained by police officers and how to behave to prevent encounters from escalating.

Try to stay calm. Don’t start cursing. Keep your hands off the cops. But know that you have rights—like remaining silent and taking note of witnesses. Such knowledge can prevent police interactions from escalating out of control when teenagers get pulled over or otherwise encounter law enforcement.

Schools ride the next edtech wave

Brian Nadel
January, 2017
A total of 277 K12 leaders participated in DA’s security survey, which was part of a broader set of surveys deployed to readers in late 2016.

As in years past, this new year will bring all sorts of new technology to schools. The question for educators is: To what degree do these technologies enhance education?

Ask K12 students who want to build walls or intimidate: Why?

Angela Pascopella
January, 2017

Students in districts across the nation have been harassed and intimidated based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion and sexual identity in the wake of the presidential election, according to the nonprofit organization Southern Poverty Law Center.

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