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Social Studies

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Hands-on history with students at the helm

Emily Rogan
November, 2016
Inquiry-based instruction allows teachers to translate the C3 framework for social studies standards into hands-on classroom lessons ( Henrik Jonsson)

Technology is quickly becoming a popular tool in social studies classrooms as teachers find ways to make history come alive for their students, who simultaneously learn about content and improve their technology skills.

Investigation and inquiry make for successful students of history

Angela Pascopella
November, 2016

Teacher Ron Hustvedt is selling a smart product.

In his classroom at the Salk STEM Magnet School in Elk River School District in Minnesota, Hustvedt encourages his history students to buy into his brand of inquiry-based learning.

School history shifts toward accuracy & diversity

Alison DeNisco
May, 2016
At Fairfax County Public Schools, ESOL students, like the one above, research a specific culture and develop a presentation for a Global Awareness Technology Project. As a result, students develop research, writing and oral communication skills.

American history could be in trouble. Decades of reliance on contentious textbooks and rote memorization have driven students away from the subject, despite its influence on contemporary issues.

Schools textbooks change with times

Alison DeNisco
May, 2016
Schools in Washington, including Marysville-Pilchuck School District, are required to educate students about the culture and history of the state’s indigenous nations.

Despite recent controversies, most K12 U.S. history textbooks now devote more space to viewpoints outside of the white-European male narrative, historians say.

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