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Telemedicine keeps K12 students in class

Shawna De La Rosa
April, 2017

Telemedicine, in which a remote doctor or physician’s assistant provides health care via the internet, has caught on in the business world and is now making its way into public schools.

Refrain from censoring journalism in schools, let learning blossom

Matt Zalaznick
April, 2017
OPEN PRESS—Students who write news stories at Kirkwood High School have freedom. Writing without needing administrator approval on stories teaches the full scope of the First Amendment, the principal says.

Neither Principal Mike Havener nor any of his administrators preview stories the students at Kirkwood High School produce for their TV broadcast, or for The Kirkwood Call newspaper or its website.

E-rate can (still) help K12 districts connect

Angela Pascopella
April, 2017

The E-rate program, which is entering its 20th cycle and is worth about $4 billion, is still giving. It can still help districts connect their school buildings to the internet—unbeknownst to some leaders, says John Harrington, CEO of Funds for Learning consulting firm.

How schools can avoid phishing attacks

Ray Bendici
April, 2017

Phishing attacks often involve receiving an email with an attachment or link from what appears to be a colleague’s email address.

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