Tweets of the week: How educators are rekindling students’ excitement about learning

Education is not abuzz with ideas for memorizing important dates in history; instead, it's about interacting and creative ways to learn.

It’s all about classes getting underway and rekindling students’ enthusiasm for learning in DA Daily’s latest tweets of the week. While education is not abuzz with worksheets and ideas for having students memorize important dates in history, some are marking historic moments.

Lupita Hinojosa, a former 2nd-grade bilingual teacher, is beginning the year as the first Hispanic female superintendent at Spring ISD in Houston:

Many administrators and districts are celebrating new learning opportunities for their students. Leaders at Aldine ISD, also in Texas, highlighted the launch of the district’s first all-boys school, the Impact Leadership Academy:

Educators are also sharing ideas for kicking off the year with fun activities. Age-appropriate music and scavenger hunts are two non-academic ways to get students moving and interacting with each other:

As educators work to reconnect with students after the summer break, one well-known educator is urging others in the school building—namely, all the adults—to serve as models of engagement:


Taking care of teachers

But amidst all the energy of the new school year, administrators should be making sure teachers are not being overworked after the challenges of the past few years. This teacher from Hawaii says she is already seeing signs of fatigue and urged teachers to pace themselves and practice self-care:

Educators, such as this music teacher and ed-tech coach from New Jersey, are offering some solutions—such as virtual coaching—to K-12’s labor pressures and their impact on morale.


Last week’s tweets of the week

In last week’s “tweets of the week,” educators encouraged one another to be courageous as the new school year gets underway. Administrators, teachers and other education experts shared words of wisdom to help each other meet the challenges ahead.

Matt Zalaznick
Matt Zalaznick
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