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New teacher prep rules face uncertain future in schools

Regulations proposed under the Obama administration to improve transparency around teacher preparation require states to provide a lot of data—including retention rates, feedback from graduates and student learning outcomes. But it’s unclear whether the Trump administration will maintain the policy.

Family sets tradition of school leadership

School superintendency is a family business for the Prusators. Todd Prusator leads Community Consolidated School District 231 in a small community 70 miles west of Chicago. His two brothers, Bob and Jeff, also are Illinois superintendents, all within about 30 miles of each other in the northwest corner of the state.

Top K12 stories of 2016

As we face a new year with a new president, District Administration looks back on 2016 to consider the biggest and most influential stories in K12 education. Will they continue to be important in 2017? Will school leaders find better solutions? Will we see improvements? 

Student-led suicide prevention education provides best results

The suicide rate among 10- to 14-year-olds is on the rise. While the statistics are dire, a solution seems to be taking shape. Prevention may be in the hands of the students themselves.

Building a better school principal

In some districts, the principal’s office may as well have a revolving door for its high turnover rate. According to one report, more than half of principals leave after three years, especially in urban areas. In 2011, the philanthropic Wallace Foundation launched a $75 million initiative to help six urban districts cultivate school principals.

6 ways to improve professional development in STEM

High-quality instruction in science, math, engineering and technology requires both teaching expertise and content knowledge. Yet, at the elementary school level, many teachers haven’t had specialized education or training in science.

The elephant in the room: Trump education policy

As a candidate, incoming President Donald Trump discussed eliminating the Common Core, scaling back the influence of the U.S. Department of Education, and supporting school choice with vouchers and an increase in charter and magnet schools. 

Marijuana legalization and its impact on schools

Superintendents in states that passed referendums legalizing marijuana in November are pressing for more clear legal guidance on how to best address issues like drug possession. They also say more research is needed on the possible impacts of marijuana legalization on K12 academic achievement.

Schools ride the next edtech wave

Hundreds of new technologies appear every decade, but only a few end up having a lasting impact on education. We pulled out District Administration’s crystal ball to forecast some of the major tech trends now gaining momentum.

Photo essay: Manufacturing education in the desert

With nearby manufacturing plants struggling to find skilled workers, Desert View High School in Tucson, Arizona, launched The Academy of Aerospace iSTEM and Digital Technology program in 2012.