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Be a source for our data-driven decisions story

Your district probably lets data drive big decisions when it comes to instruction, assessment, operations, purchasing and hiring, among other key areas. We want to interview district leaders about the CIO's role in managing and analyzing all the data that's coming in from curriculum programs, mobile apps, purchasing co-ops and all the other sources. Please follow the link to connect with us. 

The latest in after-school activities: Atheism

The Satanic Temple—an atheist group known for its public political stances against religion in state affairs—reached out to districts in nine cities this past summer to bring its philosophy to elementary schools in after-school programs.

More than a dozen states sue over transgender bathrooms

Twenty-three states have sued the federal government over a directive from the U.S. justice and education departments allowing transgender students to use bathroom facilities consistent with their gender identity. If districts don’t comply, they may lose federal aid.

How a Colorado school district created a healthier culture

School districts have struggled for many years with the escalating cost of healthcare. Do you have to reduce benefits to be affordable? Do you have to shift costs between the district and the employee? Is there a better way? In Colorado Springs School District 11, we think we have found one.

Can we make the teaching profession noble again?

Teaching is losing its magic. Every year, the profession loses some of our most effective colleagues prematurely. Moreover, we fail to attract enough college graduates who have the talent and passion for teaching.

Photo Essay: Virtual missions to space enhance STEM studies

Students can step inside an astronaut’s’ boots to experience life and research onboard the international space station with online science courses offered by the Virtual High School, which supplements public school instruction.

K12 product Focus: Projectors

Although traditional projectors remain popular, many school districts now opt for ultra short-throw, interactive devicesall-in-one solutions that replace the costs and technological support once needed for whiteboards, flat screen monitors and other display technologies.

Washington state turns to schools to diversify tech

The technology sector is one of the least diverse industries in the U.S. Only 25 percent of women participate. Less than 1 percent of computer scientists are people of color.

College and career plans hatch in kindergarten

Superintendent Genevra Walters introduced a new philosophy for elementary education at Kankakee School District in Illinois. Her model focuses on college and career prep from a young ages—students do four hands-on, career-oriented projects per year that are based on a specific career strand.

Confronting a hidden education crisis

In the 2013-14 school year, there were more than 1.3 million homeless students, a 7 percent increase from the previous year and more than double the number in 2006-07. While that number is troubling, researchers believe it’s only the tip of the iceberg.