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Our editors will examine several aspects of the K12 makerspace movement. We want to talk to educators about connecting makerspaces to the core curriculum, and how they teach soft skills like teamwork, problem solving and creativity. We also want to hear about how schools design makerspaces, where teachers get ideas for projects, professional development and how makerspaces change from kindergarten to high school. Please click on the link to connect with us. 

Propane bus fleets gain momentum

Transitioning to eco-friendly propane school buses may help districts save money and safeguard student health. A propane bus costs about $15,000 more than a diesel vehicle, but is less expensive to operate and maintain.

Moving teachers from isolation to elevation

Many teachers find themselves isolated in classrooms without the right training or support. Others receive only one or two afternoons of PD per year. The need for more effective professional development for teachers is especially important right now, with new academic standards being introduced across the country.

High school career center creates statewide robotics pipeline

Local companies told the Tri-Rivers Career Center, a voc-tech high school in Ohio, there weren’t enough skilled workers entering the trades, especially manufacturing. So the career center launched the Robotics & Advanced Manufacturing Technology Education Collaborative to help meet skilled labor needs.

Strong financial skills a new must for U.S. students

More than 51 percent of young adults say a high school money management class would have benefited their lives, according to a study. While 45 states include personal finance in state standards, only 17 states require high school students to take a personal finance course.

Report: 6 million students miss too much school

More than 6 million students—representing 13 percent of the K12 population—missed at least 15 days of school in 2013-14. These chronically absent students were more likely to struggle academically and less likely to graduate.

Photo Essay: Green school enriches students and the community

Community helped design Hampton Bays Middle School, which opened in 2008, on Long Island in New York. The LEED-certified building can be used for town hall meetings and adult learning classes, and offers a community garden.

Keyboarding in today’s classrooms

Many districts teach formal keyboarding instruction as early as second grade—a shift that requires new approaches to a skill that was once taught only in high school. Today's software features gamification, captivating graphics and extensive reporting components.

"Meaningful Making:" and other reading picks for district leaders

Recommended books offer ideas for makerspace activities, insight into online teaching, a behind-the-scenes look at reform and philanthropy, and methods for teaching steam in elementary school.  

Urban renewal in New Haven

Within a few months of becoming superintendent of New Haven Public Schools a couple of years ago, Garth Harries had already attended too many teenagers’ funerals. After Harries left these grim ceremonies, his office went back over the victims’ academic records for signs of trouble.