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Finnish-ing touches on education

In the latest round of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) exam, given to more than 500,000 15-year-olds in 72 nations, students in the U.S. once again scored in the middle of the pack—and below average in math—raising concerns and sending educators looking for answers.

Schools' team effort paves way for personalized learning

As a leader in a school system today, it can be difficult to make the choice to move forward with a districtwide change, knowing that the team around you may not fully endorse your decision.

Successful education requires a stronger student voice

If you want to know what motivates students—and teachers and administrators, for that matter—Russell Quaglia says you have to go to the source.

Schools closing the discipline gap

In the wake of a divisive presidential election, hundreds of students from about a dozen high schools in Oakland, California, cut class last November to voice their discontent with President-elect Donald Trump. 

Getting literal about media literacy in K12

The issue of fake news drew national attention during the 2016 presidential campaign, when fabricated stories were widely accepted as genuine. According to recent research, the problem extends to K12 classrooms, where students have trouble judging the credibility of online information.

Beyond K12: College, careers and kindergarten

On the first Friday of every school year, the new kindergartners of Utah’s Canyons School District look ahead to the future—far ahead. 

Tech & content team up in K12

Andrew Smith, chief strategy officer in North Carolina’s Rowan-Salisbury School System, is leading a digital-first initiative that three years ago aimed to give an iPad or a MacBook Air to all students—and their teachers—from grades 3 through 12. Rowan-Salisbury became 1-to-1 by the 2014-15 school year.

Remaking the K12 classroom

Albemarle County, Virginia—A snake bit Pam Moran in front of her class on her first day of teaching 40 years ago. Moran, now a superintendent in Virginia, had no one to blame but herself on that fateful day in 1975.

Be a source for our story on student-elderly connections

Does your district run programs that send young students to work with senior citizens? We'd like to hear the details, and your insights into how the programs help students grow academically and emotionally. Please follow the link to connect with us.

Movers & Shakers: Principal reduces tardies with "class bells" music

Since Principal DeMarcos Holland, of New Manchester High School in in Georgia, began playing music—including compositions created by students and teachers—the average number of tardies have dropped from between 50 and 60 per day to less than 10.