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Report: Is K12 principal licensure exam a good measure of success?

The assessment that prospective principals must take to obtain an administrative license in 18 states may be a barrier to non-whites and urban educators, says a 2017 study.

Breaking school language barriers

Across the country, for reasons both political and practical, even districts with substantial numbers of students who don’t yet know English seldom rely on native-language curricular materials.

School solar power: Here comes the sun

Nearly 4,000 K12 schools have been fitted with solar installations as of 2014, according to the “Brighter Futures” report for the U.S. Department of Energy, based on data from the Solar Energy Industries Association.

Hope in a hostile school environment

Black Rock High School, remotely situated in California’s Mojave Desert, serves a population of students who are often struggling academically and living in households with poverty, drug use and neglect.

Coaching principals how to build teams that transform schools

This guide helps principals improve instruction by strengthening their coaching techniques to mold teachers and staff into team-oriented leaders.

New high school takes flight

A new facility designed around an airplane hangar prepares students for new heights at Sterling Aviation High School, a magnet school.

Mindfulness makes a difference in schools

Every morning, principals in the West Bridgewater School District in Massachusetts get on the PA system to lead students through a few minutes of mindful breathing exercises.

Models of CIO leadership

How do effective CIOs model the leadership skills necessitated by rapidly advancing technologies? DA would like to interview CIOs about modeling day-to-day work habits, use of technology and collaborative tactics that they hope to see adopted by IT staff and district educators. Please follow the link to connect with us.

What’s new in the world of intervention?

How are you innovating in your intervention approaches when students struggle academically and emotionally? DA is looking for experts and administrators to share insight into how intervention strategies have been updated by lessons learned over the past few years. Please follow the link to connect with us.

How are you bridging the digital divide?

As tech advances, how are you and your team of educators ensuring all students have equal access to digital tools and powerful connectivity? Have you made funding go farther or partnered with local businesses or community organizations? Please share your innovative solutions with our readers. Follow the link to connect with us.