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Schools teach long-term lessons with Snapchat

Journalism classes at Junction City High School in Kansas—100 miles west of Kansas City—use the short-lived social media app Snapchat to learn long-lived lessons of storytelling.

Shawn Joseph, director of schools, creates four groups of K12 educational facilities

Shawn Joseph, director of schools in Metro Nashville Public Schools in Tennessee, created four new groups of K12 educational facilities.

Individualized K12 professional development provides flexibility and freedom

Seeking alternatives to expensive professional development that takes teachers out of their classrooms and requires substitutes, Madison County Public Schools in Virginia developed a solution.

Telemedicine keeps K12 students in class

Telemedicine, in which a remote doctor or physician’s assistant provides health care via the internet, has caught on in the business world and is now making its way into public schools.

Digital badges spreading in K12

More districts now use digital badges to highlight students' specific skills, such as critical thinking or leadership. If your district is innovating or experimenting in this area, we’d like to interview an administrator to gain some details and deeper insight. Please follow the link to connect with us. 

A winning formula for Atlanta’s schools

The road hasn’t always been easy, but Atlanta Public Schools has a proud history of bringing communities together to address academic and social challenges.

Refrain from censoring journalism in schools, let learning blossom

Neither Principal Mike Havener nor any of his administrators preview stories the students at Kirkwood High School produce for their TV broadcast, or for The Kirkwood Call newspaper or its website.

K12 professional development tools

Educators want more effective ways to implement new teaching methods into lesson plans. The professional development market is advancing, offering flexible and sustainable solutions rather than one-off workshops, lectures and in-service programs.

Innovative K12 tech center provides skills for lifetime

After the Great Recession, the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township in Indianapolis knew it had to prepare students for a new world of work skills and knowledge.

Personalized learning reshapes school PD

Hattiesburg School District designs technology training to empower teachers to take charge of their own professional development by letting them decide what they want to learn, when they want to learn it and how.