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Taking the pulse of the teaching profession

A new survey not only indicates that public school teachers are frustrated with shifting policies, but a majority are losing enthusiasm for the job. Moreover, nearly half say they would quit teaching now if they could find a higher-paying job.

School desktop disruption

“Going virtual” has been gaining traction in the IT world for years. Today, school CIOs who have taken the next step—the virtualization of desktop computers—see a new range of benefits, including increased flexibility for users, cost savings, stronger security and more frequent updates.

Schools make cafeteria connections

More than five years after Congress required schools to serve healthier food, districts are using social media and old-fashioned personal outreach to connect with parents. The goal: persuading them that today’s school meals are nothing like the sometimes unhealthy foods they remember from their own childhoods.

Transgender rights: What administrators need to know

The rights of transgender students in K12 schools became explicitly clear in a directive issued by the U.S. Department of Education and Department of Justice in May: Schools must let transgender students use the restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity, not what’s listed on birth certificates.

Big leap for literacy in schools

Literacy changes taking hold in schools recognize the subject’s expansion from traditional textbooks to online readings, images and audio. New learning standards ask students to read more closely and write more analytically, meaning teachers must adapt curriculum to get students reading earlier.

Be a source for our makerspace stories

Our editors will examine several aspects of the K12 makerspace movement. We want to talk to educators about connecting makerspaces to the core curriculum, and how they teach soft skills like teamwork, problem solving and creativity. We also want to hear about how schools design makerspaces, where teachers get ideas for projects, professional development and how makerspaces change from kindergarten to high school. Please click on the link to connect with us.

Customer service tips for school administrators

Customer service is not traditionally thought of as part of a district administrator’s job—but learning effective communication skills can sometimes mean the difference between retaining or losing students to charter schools, according to a new report.

How to navigate yoga in schools

A school in Georgia made national headlines when parents opposed using yoga to help students relieve stress and increase focus. They said it promotes a Far East religion, though many practitioners disagree with that view.

Fueling female STEM participation

Adding project-based learning and mentoring opportunities to STEM programs may better ensure that female students do not get left behind. In the United States, women hold fewer than 25 percent of jobs in STEM fields, despite accounting for 47 percent of the workforce

Photo essay: Yoga mats roll out around the world

On Kids Yoga Day this spring, children across the nation learned downward dog, the tree and the frog, among many other positions. One instructor says that students need just five minutes of bending and breathing to shed stress and re-focus on classroom instruction.