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Curriculum Matters: Roadmap for Successful Math Instruction

Date of broadcast: 
Tue, 10/24/2017
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The path for raising student performance to meet or exceed the new math standards has proven elusive for many schools and districts. After two, three, or more years of flat or declining student performance, some educators are beginning to wonder if their students can ever achieve the new standards.

Attend this web seminar to learn first-hand from Jill Cowart, Director of Math and Science at the Louisiana Department of Education, Francisco Villegas, Director of School Transformation at Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, Matt Tingle, Title I Coordinator/Teacher, Harbor City Elementary School (Brevard Public Schools, FL) and Jill Diniz, Director of Mathematics at Great Minds how these educator-administrators selected and implemented a new math program which resulted in impressive student successes in districts large and small.

Topics will include:

  • The illusion of alignment
  • Three myths about curricula
  • Resources for selecting effective instructional material
  • Essential role of rigor and coherence
  • Five stage strategy for success

Scheduled speakers:

Jill Cowart
Director of Math and Science
Louisiana Department of Education

Jill Diniz
Director of Mathematics
Great Minds

Matt Tingle
Title I Coordinator / Teacher
Harbor City Elementary School (Brevard Public Schools, FL)

Francisco Villegas
Director of School Transformation
Partnership for Los Angeles School

Who will benefit: District administrators or curriculum leaders interested in promoting more effective math instruction. Anyone may attend.

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